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Burleigh Pools: Tips to Maintain the Swimming Pool

With the summer in full swing, the swimming pool of homeowners become a hub of activities like poolside parties and weekends lounging by the water, simply soaking up the sun. But often one aspect of pool ownership is neglected- maintenance.

Often, maintenance will be only an afterthought and is neglected till leaves clog the filters or green slime coats the walls. But such efforts cost a lot while all the money could have been saved by preventive maintenance of Burleigh Pools Burleigh Heads.

It is good to have an idea of how to keep the pool clean and sparkling whether you are a new or old pool owner. Keep your based covered by using these tricks and tips that you can draw from Burleigh Pools on Pinterest:

Check Pool Chemistry

Nowadays it is easy to ascertain chemistry of pool because of the readily available test kits and strips. These will help in judging how chemically balanced is the pool water. In the summer, pool water chemistry should be checked at least once a week while in colder months, it needs to be checked once every 2 weeks.

 Shock The Pool

A novice pool owner must realize that shocking the pool is not springing a surprise. Instead, it implies increasing the chlorine levels for a short time to kill any bacteria. This should be done at least twice in a season or when the pool water appears murky.

However, this must be done in the right way avoiding under or over chlorinating to prevent damage to users of the pool as well as its filter or pool liner. The ideal way to shock the pool is to dilute the chlorine by mixing it in warm water in a bucket. Next, dissolve in an even manner while donning protective goggles and gloves. Pour this into the pool.

Take care to shock the pool only at night as daily sunlight reduces the effectiveness of chlorine. This is a key tip for Burleigh Pools Burleigh Heads.

Optimize pH levels

It is vital to ensure that the pH level of the pool must be maintained between 7.8 and 7.2, with an optimal level of 7.4. This is a safe and comfortable level for the sake of swimmers. The lesser the pH level, the lesser the chlorine you need to add to the water.

As pH rises, the chlorine in the pool will become less effective.

Scum Lines

When pH rises, it also causes scummy deposits to accumulate on the walls of the pool. But pH levels of 7.2 will prevent the formation of scum lines. One must do wiping down of waterlines every week to get rid of scum build-up.

Empty Skimmer Basket

A skimmer basket will be attached to the side of the pool. The main job of the skimmer is to skim the surface of the pool, prior to saturation by debris and contamination which will settle down to the bottom. An effective skimmer will skim more stuff from the water’s surface. The best way to ensure the proper functioning of the skimmer is to open its panel, remove its basket and empty out its contents. At all times, the basket should be clear of any debris.

Clean hair and lint pot

To get rid of matter like lint and hair that have escaped the skimmer, the hair and lint pot inside the pump needs to be cleaned, every couple of weeks. For this, the pump must be turned off, and pressure must be released on the system. There are various kinds of pump lids, and a basket may be attached to the lid of the pump. Ensure that the basket is not damaged or broken.


Check the Level of  Water

Ascertain whether the water level of the pool is too low or too high. The water is required to be bang at the centre level of the pool skimmer or pool tiles for best performance and results. In case the water is too low, it can lead to drying and burning up of pump. When water is too high, the door of the skimmer will not function properly and will let debris pile up in the pool.

Check Chlorinator

One must frequently check the chlorinator of the pool for possible loading and clogging. Based on the features and style of the unit, one will have the capacity to add a regular dose of chlorine for consistent flow.

Check Ozone Generator

In case there is an ozone generator in the pool, this is another kind of pool sanitizer which mandates regular checking. Ozone is a kind of oxygen that can purify pools by reacting instantly with contaminants. It also reduces the need for chlorination.

Clean the Pool Filter

Based on the usage of the pool, the pool filter needs to clean out a few times a year. The following signs indicate the need for cleaning the filter:


  • Obstruction of the drain at the bottom of the pool
  • Sluggishness of hose cleaner
  • Abnormal odours emanating from the pool


These are all some of the tips to maintain the swimming pool. One can gain more such tips from Burleigh Pools on Pinterest.

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