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Burn Table: Advantages To Know


Burn tables assist in cutting and molding designs and help to improvise the process. They play a pivotal role in performing the activity and keep control so that the work is done with precision and accuracy. Even when the same design or part is being cut or redesigned every day or produced in quantity, or you have to work on a very different and unique project which is quite complicated, a burn table is always a great option to help you out in completing such tasks and projects.

A Burn Table Helps In A Good Manufacturing Process For Any Outdoor Industrial Unit: 

All in all, a burn table helps you in keeping a good look on the manufacturing schedule and helps you complete the particular task or activity with full control and dedication, and even helps you deliver the product just in the right time so that can be used by the final user.

There Are A Few More Advantages Of Burnt Table Which May Help You Understand Its Features In Better Way- 

  • Affordable final products- With the use of burn table, you can make the end product very affordable and low priced for the final use of the customers. This is because of the efficiency of the product in the end, which gains a competitive price in the market. The overall price is so low that no competition can come close to the competitive price.
  • Designs- Some of the burn tables are constructed in the form of an open table and do not have upper rails on them. The rails are placed in a required design and place which facilitates in reducing the load of the material on top of it.Majority of burn tables that are available in the market are in the size of4’’ x 2” and are constructed with the assistance of a powder coating on top of it. There is a Z-axis of the burn table which can go up near to 6.”

You Can Opt For Specialized Tables Which Will Help In Better Production: 

  • However, there are some specialized tables that are modified with an automated torchlight or sometimes, anti-drive control. There are some other burn table specimens that have X and Y motors attached to it measuring up to 570 inches and are aging along with another motor for the movement of the Z-axis.
  • Ability to work on large sheets of raw materials- Burn tables are designed to use up whole material sheets. This is one of the main features of burn tables for which they are so popular and in demand as the operator of the table can easily work out an efficient and effective cutting process without any mess. These tables are specially equipped with cable carriers in order to protect cables and wires. Other than that, the tales also have ball bearings mechanisms in order to assure that all the functions and operations are carried out smoothly and without any mistakes.

A Plasma Burn Table 

This kind of burn table can especially withstand a high quality and work pressure of a CNC cutting machine. This type of table is mainly used for molding and cutting stainless steel, aluminum sheets, and mild-soft steel. The maximum measure which can be cut efficiently is the plate size of 120” x 288.”

One of the essential reasons for why this particular type of burn table is utilized is because it can handle a different variety of thicknesses and numerous material. To add on to this, these burn table can provide a remarkable quality of cutting solutions for many companies and industries.

All electrically conductive materials can be efficiently cut without any kind of problem. Both types of qualities, be it high or low, all types of materials can be easily cut using such type of the plasma burn table.

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