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Business and Sustainability

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In today’s rapidly changing world, just about everything has transformed; much of which was important then is not so important now, and vice versa. This is very true for all business, with technology driving marketing, sales, communications, operational efficiencies and cost structures. The rise of vast amounts of personalised data, its analysis and market targeting potential, and the leaps and bounds in artificial intelligence will once again disrupt the competitive landscape and cause a ground shift in culture and business for the next decade.

One of the most critical examples of change is the developing shift in knowledge, attitudes and appreciation about sustainability. The fragility of the planet is of a growing survival concern to the world population. This critical threat affects every human being andthe ecosystems that support them, i.e. all fauna, flora, weather, water, land use, etc. It’s therefore important to address how to preserve and improve the planet by making the necessary changes, which is an area that business coaching can assist with.

Adapting to Sustainability

From a business perspective, businesses must create policies to minimise their own environmental impact. This will increasingly be demanded by society in general and be reflected by Governments’ demands in the future, but it should be done because it is the right thing to do. If the environment is not addressed and incorporated into the business culture and strategy of your organisation, you may not survive as a business. If for no other reason, your customers, your people and your broader community will resist organisations that do not demonstrate their active commitment to our shared environment.

There is a growing sense of urgency around climate change, and the sustainability issues the worldfaceshave skyrocketed on the public agenda. This will increase the awareness of all stakeholders, including your shareholders or owners, customers, suppliers and employees. So this issue needs to be addressed immediately as part of your strategic planning and turned into operational actions to deliver a better environmental outcome by your organisation.

Climate change has been identified by the World Economic Forum, and others, as one of the most significant risks that needs to be faced from a societal and business perspective. All society, including businesses, need to step up and respond proactively.

Prince Charles – the Prince of Wales – aims to inspire“action by financial leaders to drive a fundamental shift towards resilient business models and a sustainable economy”. He is but one of thousands of world leaders trying to invoke change and action on environmental policy.

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How Business Coaching Can Help

A business coach or mentorcan assist with the full spectrum of business challenges and opportunities, including that of change, reviewing policy, cultural shift and adapting to changing community expectations of responsible businesses. This includes reassessing sustainability issues and how to better perform and comply with what is expected.

Business mentoring and business coaching services can assist business owners, CEOs, Directors and Senior Executives – all of whom have responsibilities in this space to adhere and create responsible policies to address sustainability.

There will be challenges to get consensus from the widely diverse sides of the environment debate as it develops. What is needed is conserved action to make a positive difference.

The worldwide impacts of environment changes are no more apparent than the recent and continuing extreme weather and consequential unprecedented bushfires in our beloved Australia. Sadly, it is not over yet. Establishing the consequences of the fires will be an arduous and frightful task. The human, animal and business devastation and destruction will need on-going assessment.  After what will be a long time, those affected will need help and counselling. They will also need to rebuild and make changes to minimise the risk of future carnage.

Everyone in businesses must do what they can to improve their impact on the environment. Small practical changes by many can have an enormous beneficial impact on the environment and will also be good for businesses long term.

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