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8 Small Business Ideas that Can Happen in a Shipping Container!

No work is small or big, and no business can be underestimated. History has seen startup-like e-commerce sites rising from rags to riches within just a few years, and huge names in the corporate world facing the downward slide. The game is of luck and creativity! Any business (and literally any!) can turn the wheels of fate with the right amount of determination, motivation and efforts. No matter whether you are situated in the ground floor of a small building, or own a huge arena of properties, or are simply renting or buying a shipping container!

With the day to day struggle of maintaining businesses that are still in the nascent stage, it often becomes difficult to bear the brunt of the enormous price tags that come along with rental agreement lease or market asking price when it comes to spaces for commercial use. That’s exactly why the idea of starting a business in a shipping container is gaining a lot of popularity recently. There have been lots of companies who have started their work from a single container, and now have bloomed to flourish in multiple such containers. And if you can present it right, your customers would simply love the concept!  Even if you consider moving to a permanent and traditional working space later, the memories created in the container would always have a special place in your heart.

An Idea of Businesses You Can Start in a Container

Shipping containers are multipurpose. Today, they are no longer limited by the traditional form of usage – storing goods. They can be used as homes, public washrooms and even shops and stores now! The ideas for utilising them the best and the most innovative ways are pouring in the internet constantly, and people love its versatility. Just get the best shipping containers for sale in Adelaide from Two Dogs towing and Transport services. They shall deliver the best quality and most suitable shipping containers for you at your destined location, and help you commence your business easily. Check below for some of the business ideas that can flourish in shipping containers:

1. Cloth and accessory Shop

People are always looking for clothing and fashion accessories – and the market here ranges from flea-market lovers to brand-name hoarders. The fashion industry thrives on innovation. This innovation does not necessarily have to limit to the products only, but can also extend to the outlet from where the audience is reached. A lovely coat of paint, some rods, hangers and mannequins for display, a cash register, and a corner with privacy to act as a trial room (or even a second adjoining tiny container converted to a fitting room) – that’s all you need to attract your buyers.  

2. A Restaurant

Food trucks have been popular since ages around the world. A container can be called a slightly upgraded version of these trucks. You can create a theme based small restaurant in the container. Design the interiors as classily or funkily as you want, rope in some seating, arrange for a kitchen area – and you are good to go!  

3. A Spa Centre

What does a spa needs? A peaceful place with a zen like feeling, comfortable sofas and beds, massagers and shower/sauna rooms. You can fit in all of these in shipping containers, and create a cozy little spa for your customers. Don’t forget to add some magical touch to it with fancy candles for the aroma magic.

4. Gym

If you are a gym trainer and want to be an independent consultant, investing in commercial real estate along with gym machinery may not be possible at one go! Shipping container to the rescue! Some motivational posters or wallpapers, some music to keep boredom at bay and of course the gym gears – and you are all set!

5. E-commerce Business

If you have your business online, you just need some space to stack the stock. And shipping containers were made for storage! Voila! It can also act as a small back office for your administrative requirements.

6. Salon

No matter how luxurious, have you ever considered what exactly a salon needs?! Some electric points, plumbing lines, a few styling gadgets, chairs and facial beds, a cash register – that’s about it! And a shipping container can fit them all in!  

7. Tutoring School

If you want to take up tutoring seriously as a career, you need a proper set up. Home isn’t the place – for it would wean off you and other family members from privacy. But a shipping container can always come to your rescue.

8. Home Office

With a concept of remote working being on the rise with each passing day, such professionals are in need of a small, secluded private space to work without hindrance. Shipping containers perfectly fit the bill.

A start-up business is all about making a difference without having to invest much. And no business can run without profits! With skyrocketing real estate pricing, hosting business in one’s own space is becoming increasingly difficult. Shipping containers with their versatility and innovative usages have made many dreams of independent entrepreneurship come true.  

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes is an student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion, making money, health and so on. Her write-ups are a window into her thoughts and knowledge.
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