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Business Narrative: How Can We Improve It In 6 Easy Steps

Telling a story can be easy, but when dealing with business issues it is harder to get the attention of the public without many listeners disconnecting. Follow these 6 steps and you will make your business narrative effective and influential.

Business Narrative And How Can We Improve It In 6 Easy Steps Theforbiz

Presentations of ideas or objectives before an audience are the order of the day in the current business environment. In all businesses, new techniques are used to achieve the best results for the company, and among these new techniques is the business narrative, that is, the presentation of these ideas and objectives efficiently.

The business narrative is the art of telling a story to our interlocutors and looking for the main objective, to make an impact on the audience that listens to us at TheForbiz.Com.

As it happens in the conventional stories, the business narrative seeks to establish emotional connections with the interlocutors and capture the attention of the people who listen to us. But in a business narrative, it is necessary to focus these stories in a different way to conventional stories to achieve these same results sought by both.

A conventional story is usually told from the beginning, followed by the body where the story unfolds and with an end to which the listener waits expectantly. But a story in a business environment cannot be focused in that way since normally most people are only interested in the ending. Dean Brenner, an expert in persuasive communication and founder of The Latimer Group, is always asked the same question by clients:

"How do I prevent people from jumping to the last slide?" To which Brenner responds: "Why do you think they want to see that slide first?" And most of their clients already know the answer: "Because they want to see the summary first, "explains Brenner. That is, the suspense that helps so much in conventional stories does not help at all in the business narrative.

In a business environment, listeners do not enjoy being in suspense, confused and without knowing the final answers of the narrative, but they want to know the ending in advance. Now that we know this, we're going to look at the six steps to make our narrative as effective as possible:

Business Narrative And How Can We Improve It In 6 Easy Steps

Count The End First: As we have said, the most important rule is that you have to turn around the traditional narrative, that is, start at the end. Once you have counted the results the audience will not be distracted because they already know where your speech is going to take them.

Do Not Forget The Main Objective: It is very important to know how to tell a story, but you must not lose sight of the objective you want to achieve with this story. What you count should highlight your skills and your credibility. Although this seems simple, being clear about the objective willed is what makes your narrative impact on people or on the contrary that it fails.

That Your Narrative Is Appropriate For Your Audience: You must take into account several factors that surround your business story, for example, if the presentation is a very formal approach it in a different way, the privacy of the room where you are going to make it as well as to know well your audience You should also think about the path to your goal, the value of your business and the needs of your audience, as Dean Brenner says.

The Argument Must Be Simple: If you can simplify both your argument and fit in a tweet, then you are doing well. That is, the simpler your story is the better. You can explain the details of your business narrative, but too many will cause the attention of the public to be reduced.

Look For The Main Problem: The problems that must be resolved as a team always unite people. That is why you should look for the main problem in your story, and thus obtain the final solution will be gratifying for the audience.

Business Narrative And How Can We Improve It In 6 Easy Steps Theforbiz

The Rule Of Three Will Be Your Ally: First, use three acts to introduce your story; In the body of your argument, explain three examples about it, or if you prefer, explain the next three steps to follow. With these three examples, your audience will have enough details and you will give them detailed ways to understand your narrative.

The narrative in general and in this case the business narrative is the ideal way in which we can express ourselves and understand each other with the rest of the people who work in our business environment.

Creating a fluid and dynamic story will make your presentations more persuasive, influential and memorable.

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