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Software To Speed Up Your Everyday Work

Technology, and especially software, has undeniably made people's lives easier both for business and personal purposes. There is now computer software available in just about every niche imaginable helping businesses boost their productivity. The following are some software products it is worth looking into if you want assistance in speeding up your everyday work.

Accounting Software

Having a dedicated accounting software is critical for any business because it allows you to keep constant tabs on your finances, invoices, inventory and tax information. Many features are automated as well to make the process even faster. Quickbooks is perhaps the most popular and widespread accounting program. It is used by businesses big and small to manage their finances quickly and easily. However, there are other options such as Xero, which has purchase order software features, Wave, Freshbooks and more.

Cloud Software

Cloud-based software has caused nothing short of a revolution in the business world. Most popular programs now offer subscriptions to their cloud-based software as an alternative, or even replacement, to one-time purchases. This has made many higher-priced software solutions, such as Adobe Photoshop, more affordable for small businesses and more easily accessible. Google Docs is an incredibly popular option for cloud productivity software because it allows multiple people to collaborate on a text document.

Communication Apps

Communication apps help speed up your work because they allow all members of your team to communicate in real time, send files, give approval and generally keep things moving. The app Slack has been making waves recently as a very solid mobile app that facilitates team communication in a business setting. This business messaging app is highly customizable for your needs and provides a wide array of tools to work quickly and effectively together.

Calendar Apps

Calendar apps are pretty basic apps but they do speed up your work. They come standard on most mobile devices and some options, such as Google Calendar, can sync calendars between all users with permissions. Calendar apps help you create and maintain a schedule as well as send you notifications when you have something coming up. This is great for keeping you on track even while you're out of the office or out getting lunch.

PC Clean Up Software

Over the years, PCs get bogged down and begin to slow considerably. This is frustrating both at work and at home when you are trying to get something done. Instead of spending significant amounts of money on a new computer or other device, however, you can use internal tools such as Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter. This software helps find and clear out programs and other files you are no longer using to speed up your machine and afford you more space. Go through your programs manually and uninstall unused ones as well as intermittently clear browsing history.

Speed Reading Software

A lot of people wish they had more time to read, whether they want to read news articles or documents for business. Well, speed reading apps and software, such as Speedreader and ReadQuick, can help train you to read faster. These apps can import text from just about anywhere, including Web articles, ebooks, Word files and .pdfs. They utilize psychology and technology to train out bad reading habits and instill good ones. Being able to read faster and comprehend more of what you read will understandably speed up your everyday work.

Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software and apps help keep you on track by recording how much time you spend on various tasks. This helps you analyze how you spend your time and then make effective changes so you will achieve greater productivity. These apps can be specialized and it is best to research their strengths before choosing the best one for you or your team. RescueTime is a popular option, as are Toggl, Harvest and Hubstaff, among many more.


Software available on the market will continue to develop and change. New products will come out that leave older products behind. Stay up-to-date on the technology commonly used in business and in your industry specifically. You will find that new options for boosting productivity and speeding up work come out frequently.

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