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Businesses that are Thriving in the Times of COVID-19

These are uncertain times. We do not know who is going to make it out alive and which businesses are going to be able to absorb the shock. If there is anything that we can be sure of is that the entire world has been unified by something that we could probably do without. Nevertheless, we stand united and stronger, and we are all collectively doing our fair share in battling this tough situation. And while it is important to note all the recent developments in the fore of the pandemic, the pieces of news can take a toll on our mental health. People dying and businesses are shutting down- it is no less than a mess that we are going through. But it is also essential to keep your head in place and look at some of the hopeful pieces of news too. For instance, in this article, we shall be talking about all the businesses that have started thriving in these dark times. Yes, it is not just about industries and business endeavors shutting down. Some are also blossoming under contradictory forces. Therefore, let us dig in and learn more about the same topic.

E-Commerce Platforms:

People are unable to go out and get their things for the day from shops. The only solution that they have in this scenario is the online shopping platforms that have taken it upon themselves to deliver the essential goods and services. Groceries, medicines and things that one needs daily to get by every day are being diligently delivered by these online shopping platforms. Therefore, these E-Commerce sites are not just making money and turning out profits, but also serving the society held up in the eye of the storm.

Food Delivery Apps:

Food delivery apps have played quite the role of knights in shining armor in this situation. For those who stay away from home and do not have a stock of supplies to get through the quarantine, these food delivery apps have stepped into the scene and come to the rescue. They are following all the protocols of safety laid down by WHO and are delivering food to people who do not have the means to cook themselves. All heroes do not wear capes; some of them wear caps too, and they deserve our appreciation and support as much as the medical health professionals who are leading the battle from the frontline.

Online Casinos:

People have plenty of time on their hands, and they are looking for ways to get through each day without succumbing to the boredom or the monotony of the new normal. Online casinos have come in as quite a relief as people are now able to divert their attention from counting the number of deaths each day to busting their stress with these online casino games and making some money out of it. The online casinos have flourished a lot and online gambling in Florida and several other parts of the United States of America, as specific trends show, have drawn humongous traffic to its fore.

OTT Platforms:

OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime and Hotstar have witnessed a surge of traffic coming their way because people have been binge-watching their favorite shows and movies this quarantine. We all need to get our minds off the terrible things happening all around us and keep our sanity intact. In such a circumstance, these OTT platforms have been adding more movies and shows to their library and turning in huge profits. Subscriptions have gone up and the kind of business that these entertainment platforms are making by the hour is way beyond one’s imagination.

Search Engine Optimization:                                          

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one such lucrative business that can never go obsolete or suffer losses. SEO agencies are making huge profits during the time of COVID-19 since they offer services to other business enterprises to stay afloat during these hard times. SEO hacks and techniques help a website to catch the attention of the target audience and get more traffic to the site, which in turn increases the conversion rate. SEO agencies are, therefore, indispensable, especially now that businesses have to depend on digital marketing to survive the ravages of the pandemic.


While it can be challenging to pay attention to some good news since we are swamped with the horrible and agonizing ones every day, it is essentially crucial to keep our minds in the right place and keep our hopes high that everything is going to work out for the better. This is a transient phase and will pass in a jiffy!

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