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Businesses That Have Experienced Higher Demand Because of Covid

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The U.S business environment has experienced a radical change in the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are many cases where businesses are laying off workers, losing revenue, and in the worst cases closing the business entirely.

However, some businesses are still prospering despite the COVID-19 crisis and have continued to experience higher demand amidst the pandemic. Businesses that help people maintain social distance, retailers that allow their customers to eat and drink at their homes, and medical health care services are just some few examples.

Here's a list of different business types that are experiencing higher demand because of Covid;

1.   Fitness Equipment Companies

The quarantine has kept many people confined in their house for days, weeks, and months on end. With most gyms closed to the public, people are increasingly turning to home fitness regimes to help them stay healthy and fit during the pandemic. The home fitness regime most people are adopting range from home gyms to hiring gym equipment. However, most people prefer the latter.

While fitness products like yoga mats are likely to be the standard purchase for most people working out at the comfort of their homes, other fitness equipments are also experiencing increased demand.

The coronavirus outbreak has led to the emergence of technology startups that offer internet linked fitness equipment. These great innovations in the fitness equipment industry allow their clients to receive live or recorded fitness guidelines from certified experts matched with proprietary gym equipment perfectly designed to fit into your home gym.

2.   Drive-in Movie Theaters

Drive-in movie theaters could eventually be making a comeback into the market after years of decline in operations given cinemas' moving to shop malls and services such as Netflix that have brought the cinema experience to people's homes.

Social distance regulations have led to the closure of many regular movie theaters. Drive-in movie theaters are a great option to escape the confinement of being quarantined at home and get the ultimate movie experience while observing social distancing rules and ensuring minimal interaction.

While it is not yet certain whether these drive-in theaters will remain open given that many non-essential businesses are currently closed, the coronavirus pandemic may breathe new life into these types of businesses in the new times where maintaining social distance is highly encouraged.

3.   Grocery Stores

With the general public practicing social distance and most U.S states temporarily closing all restaurant dining areas, many families are stocking up on groceries and having their meals at home. This has, in turn, led to the emergence of more large and small grocers since there has been a surge in consumer demand for groceries.

Independent grocers have had to step in to help larger grocery chains to meet the increasing demand during the COVID-19 crisis. It is also important to note that most groceries are being restocked at unprecedented speeds to match the increased demand. Some of the grocery store's top purchases have been hand sanitizer, pizza, toilet paper, chicken, and many more essential products.

4.   Delivery Services

Many customers are afraid of leaving their homes or are advised to stay in their homes by the different state governments given the coronavirus outbreak. Professional delivery services have taken the responsibility to ensure goods are delivered to homes as well as businesses.

Nationwide food delivery services and corporate retail delivery services are the largest beneficiaries experiencing increased demand because of the coronavirus crisis. While other businesses are laying off workers, most professional delivery service providers have been forced to hire more employees ranging from new drivers to meet the rising demand in the delivery services industry.

5.   Cleaning Services

With the widespread of coronavirus fears around the entire world, it comes as no surprise that professional cleaning services that fumigate and sanitize homes, offices, restaurants are in very high demand. Cleaning companies have seen the demand increase substantially for commercial offices and medical facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many people are counting on professional cleaning services to keep them safe from the virus. Most cleaning companies have had to hire more workers and even acquire more machinery to help keep up with the increasing demand since most of them claim never to have experienced such a surge in demand for cleaning services.

6.   Liquor and Wine Stores

With many clubs and bars closed in most states in the U.S due to the coronavirus crisis, liquor and wine stores have experienced a huge increase in their daily sales. Most liquor stores struggle to keep up with the demand in the past few months since people opt to buy in bulk and stock up at home.

Besides, customers are also buying liquor in huge quantities to make hand sanitizers. Customers are also buying in mass as a precautionary motive if lockdown measures are put in place by the government soon. With the surge in demand for the liqueur, many liquor stores have had to open up new stores and hire new employees to match the increasing demand.

7.   Meal Prep Delivery Services

Most of the top brands in the meal preparation and delivery services industry have seen demand skyrocketing due to most people spending more time at their homes and less time at restaurants. With the coronavirus outbreak, the last thing everyone wants is to find themselves in a crowded environment.

Making the most out of the coronavirus crisis and the new social distancing trend, several small scale businesses that offer meal preparation and delivery services are also experiencing increased demand and increased revenue income. Most of these businesses have seen a surge in the number of orders from new and existing customers. To match the increasing demand, these meal prep delivery service companies had to open new stores, hire more workers, among other measures.


While most companies are hurting from a decrease in sales and more losses incurred during the coronavirus pandemic, some businesses have experienced a higher demand because of Covid. The discussed businesses are seeing lots of new and returning consumers during the coronavirus crisis.

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Written by Meghan Hale, a content writer at Pearl Lemon. You'll find me yelling at my dog to stop barking, whether it be at the neighbours or on a long afternoon walk   

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