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Top 10 Small Businesses that May Emerge in India after COVID-19 Recovery

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Here are the List of Small Businesses to Emerge after COVID-19 Recovery

No doubt, we’ve never seen what we are witnessing these days. A pandemic has engulfed the globe in a way that it never experienced before. The world economy is on the verge of collapse. When will we see a new dawn? This is the question in everyone’s mind. Despite the world-wide chaos and confusion, there is still a ray of hope for us.

The entrepreneurs, defying the borders and barriers, have now come together and closer and are busy finding a way to prevent their empire from sinking. Yes, some businesses, especially the small setups, will be worse hit than others but some will emerge as phoenix out of the ashes. You will surely feel curious to know their names. But before we come to the brass talk, we would like to draw your attention to another point.

It has become a trend for business enterprises, including small setups, to run their businesses from online. It’s evident that online businesses have greater potentials to survive challenges and succeed in future. If you own an offline business and plan to open an online setup, think about how to shape your idea into reality. Our experts have made a list of the following verticals that will see promising and rising growth in future.

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Pickup & Delivery:Businesses, regardless of their types and sizes, are looking for ways to deliver at their customers’ doorsteps. A ‘pickup and delivery’ systemis making our life easier, better and safer. Amidst the pandemic, delivery services are registering an upward rise in their popularity. Covid-19 is going to change the business world and delivery services are all set to make the most of this changing and challenging economy.

Grocery Delivery:Everyone is avoiding going out as much as possible in fear of getting exposed to Covid-19 virus. But grocery items are indispensable. So, how to purchase and stock them without going out? Online grocery delivery comes as a life-saviour. Just place an order and expect someone to reach everything at your address. That explains why grocery delivery apps are experiencing and expecting phenomenal rise in their business.

Walmart’s grocery app has registered a 160% surge in its popularity. If you own a grocery store, take it online and ensure timely delivery at customers’ houses.

Medicine Delivery: In times of health-related crisis, healthcare system is playing the most important role in saving people’s life. With so many people almost living a caged life due to lockdown, it’s getting difficult for those in quarantine centres and also with minor or major health issues to reach medical stores. Therefore, it becomes a huge responsibility for the pharmacy companies tojoin hands with the healthcare professionals in controlling and curing Covid-19.

Even if you run a small pharmacy shop, switching to an online medicine delivery system will not only help your business sustain the bad phase but also grow after Covid-19 recovery.

Online Education App: From nursery schools to institutes for higher studies, every educational institution around the globe is under lock and key. But come hell or high water, education is important for us. How to avail education during the time of crisis? Online learning programs are showing us a way. It is not that online learning is a new introduction but it is surely experiencing a massive boom these days. According to statistics, education app downloads have jumped by nearly 300% in March.

If you are a private tutor, start teaching online to reach out to your students. Even after the crisis is over, you will see a surge in the number of your students as you can get to connect to more students and it will save your time and effort as well. Online teaching is the next big thing in the field of education. It’s a trusted platform for learning and teaching.

Healthcare Consultations: Remote areas also need healthcare per excellence. In fact, remote and rural healthcare is playing a critical role in combatting the disease and its more disastrous outbreak. The crisis has triggered a boom in online healthcare system. With lockdown and self-isolation emphasized more and more to combat the novel coronavirus, it becomes more important for the healthcare professionals to ensure the best care of the patients.

Online healthcare consultations won’t require the patients to go outside for treatment and best care as advice and guidance can be availed easily and digitally.

Online Doctors/Nurses/Caretakers: A Manchester-based online healthcare platform – Push Doctor – has experienced a70% rise in consultation. Therefore, developing an online platform to help users connect to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals will be a future-proof, fascinating and functional idea. Create an app that simplifies and streamlines the process of contacting healthcare professionals for home visit.

Fitness & Wellness App:Offline healthcare centres and gyms have suffered badly due to widespread pandemic. But at the same time, digital platform is going to be a blissful experience for them. According to a recent report, almost all gym chains have closed their doors to curb the outbreak and fitness enthusiasts are swarming to the digital workout programs in an increasing number. These apps help the fitness freaks maintain their daily exercise routine during the lockdown phase.

From yoga and meditation apps to online training apps, digital healthcare sector is sure to experience heavy boom even after COVID-19 recovery.

Food Delivery: Pandemic outbreak and government-enforced lockdown have severely affected food and restaurant industry. Awaiting the situation when everything will get back to normalcy will not be a good idea for them. Online delivery seems to be the most perfect idea for them during this tough time and beyond that. The virus outbreak and lockdown have triggered demand for food delivery and the industry is thriving.

Develop your own food delivery app to take orders and make your customers happy with contactless deliveries.

Ecommerce Marketplace: It is a difficult time for the brick and mortar businesses. They fear their market sustainability. Thankfully, digital platform comes to their rescue. By switching to digital marketplace, they can easily save their business from getting closer to the brink of collapse and eventually expand their reach to more potential ecommerce-savvy customers.

According to a revelation by the Quantum Metric Report, online sales have experienced a staggering 52% increase from the pre-pandemic period and are going to surge manifold in coming days.

Going online is the most pragmatic way to survive the virus-inflicted financial assault. Make the most of technology and take your business online to stretch your consumer circle.

Online Medical Van Booking: Another gripping idea to make lives easier, secure and comfortable at this time and in future as well! Launch an online medical van or ambulance booking app. COVID-19 has triggered an exponential rise in medical service. The idea to reach out to people, who need to be taken to healthcare centres in times of on-going crisis, is a great idea

Final Words

The business world is undergoing an unprecedented crisis and planning to utilize tried-and-true practices to deal with the economic uncertainties after COVID-19 recovery. By going with any of the above-listed business ideas, you will be able to emerge as a true leader and winner through the calamity.

The common thread running through them is digital platform. Online marketplace has huge potentials to expand your reach, reputation and return even amidst and beyond the crisis. Embrace the idea as it will take you through the catastrophe, chaos and confusion. Furthermore, online business is a futuristic approach towards fulfilling your business goals. With the right planning and solid marketing approach, you can be a trendsetter in your chosen field.

Submit a guest post on your thoughts about which small businesses will emerge in India after COVID-19 pandemic. We want to hear from you about which business fields are going to beat the odds and turn the tide in their favour.

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