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Buy PRP Tubes Online From PRPMed

There are new trends emerging in the beauty industry nowadays that claim to make you the most beautiful. The latest trend that is in vogue is PRP. PRP refers to Plasma Rich Platelets. Read on till the end to find out more about the latest beauty trend in vogue.

What is PRP and What are PRP Tubes?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that makes use of a patient's own blood to produce autologous concentrated blood plasma for regrowth of hair and skin

PRP has many benefits. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Platelets are specific cells found in PRP that stimulate stem cells and other cells, causing hair follicles to develop.


  • It restores and rejuvenates hair follicles.


  • It hastens the healing process of tissues.


  • It regenerates and reacts to tissue damage.


  • New cellular development formation


  • Apart from the above features, PRP Therapy is also used in restoration and rejuvenation of facial tissues and cells.


PRP tubes are the tubes that are used to collect PRP for the treatments. The tubes have special enzymes to ensure that plasma reaches uncoagulated and in a good state so that the treatment can be performed in the best manner possible. 


The tubes usually have a separator gel to separate different elements as well as anticoagulant so that the plasma doesn’t curdle and thicken. A coagulated and thickened plasma always makes the work difficult and sometimes impossible to begin with because it develops aggregation which inhibits the working of plasma on the skin and hair.

From Where To Buy PRP Tubes?

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Good quality PRP Blood Tubes are a must to get the desired and optimal results. The right amount of plasma for the desired results can be achieved through good PRP tubes. Buy High Quality PRP tubes from PRPMed that give you excellent results. The anticoagulation gel as well as the separating gel are of the highest quality. The tubes are made of the highest quality borosilicate glass. The company has been in the business of PRP test tubes for sale for a long time. 


The company is offering PRP Tubes Price for 118 EUR offering a discount of 108.10 EUR. Grab the opportunity now.

Uses of PRP Tubes

The tubes used to collect PRP for treatments are known as PRP tubes. Special enzymes are used in the tubes to ensure that the plasma is uncoagulated and in good condition so that the therapy can be done as efficiently as feasible.


A separator gel is frequently included in the tubes to separate distinct materials, along with an anticoagulant agent so as to keep the plasma from curdling and thickening. Because coagulated and thickened plasma leads to aggregation of the cells, which ultimately prevents plasma from functioning on the skin and hair, it makes work really difficult, if not impossible, to begin with as the thickened plasma doesn’t allow a free hand and the cells are already mixed up with the other cells thereby not giving the desired results. Therefore, buying a good PRP kit is very important.

How to Choose the Best PRP Kit?

The kits are divided into two groups based on the segregation strategy.

1. Separator Gels

Gel separators are basically just a special test tube with some gel inside of it. It works because the density of the gel is similar to that of blood and platelets. As a result, when you load it with whole blood and spin it, the platelets will move to one side of the gel and the blood will flow to the other. However, the most significant disadvantage of PRP Separation tubes is that the majority of the platelets will become trapped in the separator gel.

As a result, sequestering the platelet portion yields a 1-1.5X concentration. The gel also separates white blood cells, which is a beneficial feature. As a result, the PRP obtained has very low RBC and WBC counts.


2. A Kit based on a buffy coat

Platelet concentrations of 5X to 7X are best obtained using kits that create a noticeable buffy coat layer following centrifugation. What exactly is a buffy coat? Buffy coat is a thin layer developed between the blood and platelet serum that is simply plasma with suspended platelets and is neutral or buff in colour. A buffy coat isn't going to assist you much on its own. Instead, you'll need to be able to remove the buffy coat without contaminating the RBC. When properly separated, the buffy coat will consist largely of plasma and white blood cells (leukocytes) with a concentration of 5X-7X platelets and less than 10% RBC.


You can always talk to your practitioner regarding the advice on which kit to choose for the desired results. Sometimes you don’t really need much in the trouble areas and some other times you might need a lot. When you discuss this with your practitioner, he/ she will tell you the specifics. Choose the kit accordingly so that you get the maximum optimised results so that you get the satisfaction that gives you so much mental peace.



PRP Therapy is great for rejuvenation and restoration of hair and skin alike. The quality of the treatment depends mainly on the practitioner that you choose to perform the procedure with. The PRP tubes can be purchased from PRPMed. We sell PRP tubes that have high quality gel and enzymes so that you get the best results. 

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