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Buy silver Jhumkas online from the wide collection of silver Jewelry for women

Are you searching for some fabulous silver jhumkas? Welcome to our site and buy silver jhumkas online. This store provides a wide range of silver jewelry online for women. Jhumkas are regarded as one of the traditional types of earrings. These are traditionally a part of temple jewelry. It is used by women for several centuries. Jhumkas are also called jhumkis. It is originated in South India where it was originally used as ornaments for the deities. Later this jewelry was used by the temple dancers. Jhumkas are an essential part of Bharatanatyam jewelry. Silver jhumkas are famous for their rich heritage. The popularity of silver jhumkas makes it fit for every girl’s jewelry box.  From the age of royal emperors to the age of democracy, these jhumkas are considered to be well-known jewelry ornaments. Jhumka earrings can be in different shapes like conical, circular or church bell. Among these, the distinct pattern of dome-shaped silver jhumkas is very much popular.  Every religion has diverse unique designs of jhumkas. Every style of jhumkas are unique and have some own importance.

For the manifestation of the wide range of collection and legacy of jhumkas, our online jewelry shop is providing a collection of complicated design which is created on the basis of research for long years. At our silver jewelry online for women, you will find silver jhumkas online as a combination of traditional and recent designs. 

Our Jhumka collections

Silver jhumkas have evolved into versatile earrings worn. Both the ethnic wear and western attires are given to increase the look of the earrings. Our silver jhumkas online products come in a variety of designs. The design ranges from a floral theme with many colorful designs. These designs are embellished with colored gemstones. At our silver jewelry online for women,you can choose any shape and style. There are bell-shaped earrings in a single dome, multi-domes, chained and many more. The jhumkas are fit for every sarees or another wearing. In general, our products can be used on any occasion. Our product assures quality. Our silver jhumkas are prepared from sterling silver. Sterling silver is the purest form of silver as it contains nearly 93% of silver. The remaining alloys are in a minimal quantity. 

Traditional Silver Jhumkas                                              

These are a traditional collection of jhumkas which are very much antique. These are made out of pure silver and available in different shapes and size. These earrings gives you an different aura when wore with traditional apparel. The embellishment of semi-precious stones like ruby, coral, sapphire, opal, pearls, and others provides a beautiful and distinct look to them. The design of these jhumkas is inspired by natural elements. Floral and temple designs are also implemented in them. 

Silver Oxide Jhumkas

These silver oxide jhumkas are also known as Gujrati style jhumkas. In India, these jhumkas are widely used by women during the Navaratri festival and also in Ghagra-choli. The embellishment of these jhumkas gives a Gujrati style. 

Ear-Cuffs Jhumkas

These classical jhumkas are known as ear-cuffs jhumkas. A wide range of these silver ear-cuffs jhumkas is available. The model with peacock design is very much popular.

Kashmiri Silver Jhumkas

These types of silver jhumkas have ethnic outfits. These jhumkas have much more demand than other jhumkas. It has a different pattern. It is longer and has an attached pearl chain. You can put the pearl chain behind the ears. These jhumkas are matched for every festival. 

Hoops Silver Jhumkas

These silvery hoops jhumkas are a combination of two different types of earrings. Here the hoops are styled with jhumkas. This gives a new form to the jhumkas. These hoops silver jhumkas looks good in every saree and suit.

Silver KundanJhumkis

Kundan jhumkas are very much popular in Rajasthan, India. It is very much popular for its nice design and sparkling look. These silver jhumkas are very much popular. The jhumkas are fixed with sparkling Kundan. This makes it very beautiful. This silver jhumkas are also fit for any outfits. 

The bridal costume is incomplete without jhumkas. Even, the women’s jewelry online collection is incomplete without the jhumkas. Jhumka earrings are precious and ageless jewelry ornament. The fashion of it never comes to an end. So, keep on collecting beautiful jhumkas. Take a virtual tour to our online jewelry shop to get more information on different types of jhumkas. Please do share the information about the fabulous products of our shop to your friends and relatives and others to let every woman use our jhumkas. So, why are you waiting for? If you are interested in buying silver jhumkas online,please visit our silver jewelry online for women and get introduced to a wide range of collections. You do not have to worry about the shipping charges. Our online shop provides free shipping throughout the nation and worldwide shipping charges are very reasonable. The product will be in a good position and will be delivered within two to four working days. 

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