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Buy The Best Bed Sheets On Amazon: Lux Decor Collection

Have you ever wondered why you wake up so fresh whenever you spend a night at a 5-star hotel? It’s their bedroom’s decor, warm feel and most importantly fresh beddings that give ultra-comfortable sleep. 



However, it is important that you should also make a great choice when buying bed sheets for your room as well. So you can relax every night in the warmth of your bed and wake up with a new energy every day.

When there are plenty of options online and offsite available then it becomes really hard to find the perfect fit for you. Here extra cozy Lux Decor Collection’s high quality, ultra-soft and smooth as silk bed sheet collection comes in. 

Launched in 2010, Lux Decor Collection (LDC) bedding products on Amazon are becoming the talk of the town. Lux Decor Collection is a US-based company that offers a wide range of collections of bed sheets, mattress fitted sheets, pillows, blankets, kitchen range and other home accessories. 


In this review, we’ll focus only on Lux Decor Collection’s bed sheet sets. They offer 2 bundling options, each with a different assortment of items. These range from starter sets to six-piece collections. 

Each bed sheet set contains; fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases. However, you can also buy these items individually, but you’ll enjoy a 20 percent discount by buying things in a bundle instead.  

We have weighed the quality of their bedsheets according to the following factors. 

Bed Sheets’ Sizes:

It is important to consider while buying a bed sheet that it fits your mattress. Because it is the most uncomfortable feeling in the night if your bed sheet wraps behind your back and doesn’t fit your mattress. 

Therefore, before buying a bedsheet, measure the size of your mattress. After having all the essential dimensions, you can become able to buy a bedsheet that will be the best fit for your mattress and you. 

Let’s break down the size of Lux Decor Collection’s bedsheets and see if they are the ones that you are looking for. 

Lux Decor Collection’s bed sheet sets come in four different sizes.

Here are the sizes of all items in each type of bed sheet set. 

Bed Sheet Size

Size of Flat Sheets

Size Of Fitted Sheets

Size Of Pillowcases

















Every bed sheet set contains a fitted sheet whether you buy a plain, embroidered, floral, paisley or Quatrefoil bed sheet set. The depth of fitted sheets is compatible with your mattress up to 16”. Also, they have elastic sewed all around the corners that make it flexible enough to fit your king and queen-size mattresses as well.


 Material And Construction:

The feel and performance of sheets and pillowcases depends on a multitude of factors including; 

  • The material used for the composition. 

  • The weaving technique.

  • Thread count. 

Let’s figure out if each product in the Lux Decor Collection’s bed sheet set meets our expectations in terms of quality bedding products. 

Each bed sheet from Lux Decor Collection is crafted with 100% brushed microfiber polyester that is made up of super-thin fibers. These polyester fibers are woven together to create lightweight and comfortable sheets. 

The material and weaving technique used to set these sheets apart by their fine thickness and smooth texture. Since microfiber sheets are often made from synthetic materials so they are less prone to wrinkles, shrinking and fades in comparison to natural materials like cotton.

Generally, the thread count of LDC’s bed sheets is 1800 making these sheets durable for the long term. There are 10 neutral colors to choose from with a handful of rotating  limited edition designs including; 

  • Plain.

  • Floral.

  • Embroidered.

  • Paisley.

  • Quatrefoil.

Each Lux Decor Collection bed sheet set offers a distinct look and vibe to your beddings. So you should research these products and test them if possible to determine which is your most favorite one. 

Other differences to consider include price, color/pattern, ease of care, inclusive items and cleaning. 

Bed Sheets Prices:

Lux Decor Collection offers 5 different styles of bed sheet sets that come up with different infusions of items. That also makes a difference in the overall price of the bed sheet set. Let’s take a closer look at the price and inclusive items of every bed sheet set; 

Lux Decor Collection bed sheet sets cover a wide range of price points. Plain, Paisley, Floral and Embroidered bed sheets have almost the same price. However, Quatrefoil bed sheets are the cheapest among their bed sheet sets. 

Having said that, all Lux Decor Collection bed ites are competitively prices and none of their collections are pretty much expensive given the premium material. 

How much do you spend on Lux Decor Collection bedding products depends on the bundle you select or if you buy items individually. Currently, the company is offering the following bundle options. 

Starter (3 PC) set:

The starter is a bare-bones three-piece set consisting of 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 1 pillowcase; you’ll need to purchase another pillowcase separately.

The starter set is only available in the Twin-sized Quatrefoil bed sheet sets. The best thing that sets their starter pack apart is that they offer the 3PC set with a choice of 10 different solid colors.

Although, you can’t get this freedom of choice, quality material and fast-time-to-deliver services from any other online bedsheet brand. Therefore, this collection is ideal for shoppers who want to buy beautiful-looking good quality bed sheets on budget. 

Core (4 PC Bed Sheet Set):

The core builds on the Starter by adding 2 pillowcases to the fitted and flat sheet. 

You can buy a Twin Sized 4 PC bed sheet with a choice of 10 solid colors and 4 patterns including; 

  1. Plain.

  2. Paisley.

  3. Floral.

  4. Embroidered.

In fact, you can also buy a King sized 4 PC bed sheet set but it is only available in a Quatrefoil pattern.  

These bed sheet sets are the go-to choice for shoppers who want a complete 4 PC bedding set without extra bells and whistles of a 6 PC bed sheet set. The set is not customizable, so all items are designed by Lux Decor Collection. 

Hardcore (6 PC bed sheet set):

The 6 PC bed sheet is the most expensive of all sets. This bundle consists of a flat sheet, fitted sheet and 2 pairs of pillowcases. 

That’s what I like the most about Lux Decor Collection that they know that adding more pillows to the set means adding more comfort to my bedding. Because “extra comfort” is my idea about the perfect bedding. 

Please remember that the 6 PC bed sheet is available in different sizes except for the Twin size.  It comes up with a choice of 4 bedsheet styles including; 

  1. Plain.

  2. Paisley.

  3. Floral. 

  4. Embroidered. 



Bed Sheet Sets

Twin Size





(4 PC) $22.45

(6 PC) $24.24

(6 PC) $25.45

(6 PC) $26.45


(4 PC) $22.45

(6 PC) $23.99

(6 PC) $24.95

(6PC) $27. 49


(4 PC) $22.45

(6 PC) $23.99

(6 PC) $23.99

(6 PC) $27.49


(3 PC) $16.99

(4 PC) $18.45

(4 PC) $18.99

(4 PC) $19.45


(4 PC) $22.45

(6 PC) $24.45

(6PC) $25.45

(6 PC) $26.45

However, the price of each product can also change time-to-time according to your color selection. 

Buy the high-quality Lux Decor Collection bedsheets at the best price possible at Amazon.

Care and Cleaning:

In order to ensure proper health and hygiene for your bed, you need to clean your sheets regularly. Although Lux Decor Collection bedding items have the same composition, the company recommends the following guidelines for laundering and refreshing your sheets and pillowcases. 

  1. Wash these bedsheets in clean cold water.

  2. After washing carefully, tunnel dry them at low temperature. 

  3. Since these bed sheets are composed of super-fine microfibers that’s why you don’t need to harm the texture of your bedsheets with strong detergents and bleach because it can impact the quality.

  4. Even though, you can wash these bedsheets in the washing machine. However, they recommend washing bed sheets with your hands so they stay fresh for a long time.  

  5. When not in use, preserve your bedding products in a cool and dry location where the item is not exposed to extreme temperature or humidity.

  6. Lux Decor Collection doesn’t recommend storing sheets and pillowcases in boxes, as this can cause yellowing. 

  7. Bed sheets should be replaced after every two years, while the pillows may need to be replaced after one year of continual use. 

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Lux Decor Collection ships sheet sets anywhere in the US. They also deliver products to army and fleet post offices (AFOs/ FPOs) and P.O. boxes.

You can purchase any Lux Decor Collection’s sheet set on Amazon, eBay, Wayfair and on their official website. 


We provide Fast and Free shipping with amazon prime in the U.S. including overall US territories. When you order products from the company’s Amazon store then you can receive your items in 2 to 3 days after placing your order. Deliveries are coordinated through either Amazon FBA or FBMA. All customers receive an order tracking number as soon as their orders ship. 


Lux Decor Collection accepts returns on all items within 30 days of the original purchase. We do not allow returns for washed or used bedding products. If you have bought any product from the company’s Amazon store then you can initiate a return online or drop your item(s) off at any Amazon warehouse or the Company’s warehouse near your area. 

We do not allow the return of individual items if you have bought a bed sheet bundle set. 


All bed sheets, pillowcases and fitted sheets by Lux Decor Collection are backed by a lifetime warranty. If you have bought their products from the Amazon store then you can simply initiate your request from Amazon. The best thing is that they review your request as soon as possible. 

Does it look like that buying bedsheets from Lux Decor Collection is as a smooth procedure as their bedsheets are? Check out their latest bedsheet collection at Amazon. 

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