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Buy Travel Insurance Online to Overcome These 6 Situations

International trips, sometimes out of necessity and a planned getaway on other occasions, bring the most exciting experiences as we get to explore new places and discover cultures. While we prepare for a trip, we least expect any untoward incidents – accidents, medical emergencies, or theft, to happen. Yet, these are possibilities, and it is wise to consider them and invest in an overseas travel insurance plan. In some countries, it is a mandatory requirement. Even otherwise, a travel cover is the best companion for travellers.

Nowadays, you can buy international travel insurance plans online from leading insurers like Care Health Insurance, TATA AIG, and Royal Sundaram. Opting for a destination-specific travel plan will ensure your trip is safeguarded in the best possible way. It will offer you financial protection in various scenarios, as discussed in this article.

1.      Emergency Medical Treatment

Some individuals, especially senior citizens, might find travelling hectic. It could be one of the reasons a medical emergency could happen, besides other factors. In countries like the United States, healthcare is quite expensive. You could spend substantial amount of money from your travel budget on your medical treatment, and that could leave you in financial stress.

In such a case, dealing with an emergency hospitalization can be a daunting experience. Opting the best travel insurance will provide coverage for your medical emergency expenses, including in-patient and out-patient care, ICU charges, and doctor’s fees. Further, there is coverage for emergency medical evacuation, treatment of pre-existing illness in life-threatening conditions, and injury-related dental treatments.

 2.      Accident or Mishap on the Trip

A policyholder who has encountered an accident, and got serious injuries will receive the personal accident cover, under a travel insurance policy. It will also provide the required financial protection in case of disability owing to the accident. In case of accidental death, the nominee selected by the insured person will receive compensation. The insurer will cover accidental death by paying a lump sum amount, as per the policy terms and conditions. It also provides the arrangement of repatriation of mortal remains in case of the insured person’s death.

3.      Delays or Cancellation of Trip

There are may be a hundred reasons a well-planned international trip may get cancelled or delayed. There could be interruptions. It may not only be disappointing but it can also lead to unforeseen expenses. But, having the best travel insurance plan will protect you in emergencies that lead to trip cancellations.

Having a travel policy will save you from the stress and indemnify your expenses. For instance, if the international destination you are heading to is facing a natural calamity or if there other contingencies, that could lead to delays or cancellation of your trip. The coverage is available in such situations.

 4.      Loss of Travel Documents

No traveller can ever say with certainty that nothing can go wrong on the trip. Everyone hopes to have a comfortable journey without any problems. Yet, things are not in our control and some events like loss of important travel-related documents can ruin a trip completely. Passport is a vital document that international tourists should carry with them, and also when applying for a visa.

While keeping these documents safely is the responsibility of a traveller, but sometimes, unexpected situations can lead to loss of passport.  Here is when international travel insurance comes as a rescuer. The insurer will provide valuable assistance in case you lose your passport or international driving licence.


5.      Loss or Delay of Checked-in Baggage

The chances of losing one’s belongings at an airport are not rare. It has happened to many international travellers and they know how stressful it can be. It is always necessary to be alert but sometimes thefts can happen, at the blink of an eye, we may lose our valuables.The expenses an insured may incur due to loss or delay of checked-in baggage is covered in the overseas travel plan, thus it saves the person from stress.

6.      Personal Liability

Unexpected events or accidents take us by surprise, sometimes, and when they occur when we are far away from our family in a foreign land; it can cause a lot of stress. That can also make us accountable fordamages caused to another person. International travel insurance covers the expenses incurred by a policyholder in case of bodily injuries or property damages to any third party, subject to policy terms and conditions.


Before investing in a travel cover, make sure you have made a proper comparison of the premium amount and policy benefits. While you are reviewing a travel policy, do remember to check the exclusion, which are the situations for which you will not be covered. The exclusions include:

-          Treatment expenses related to exposure to ionizing radiation or contamination

-          Costs incurred by engaging in business activities

-          Expenses related to any self-inflicted injury and suicide

-          Expenses arising due to Breach of Law

-          Any expense due to hazardous activity, the influence of drugs, or alcohol, consequences of war/nuclear perils

Knowing these exclusions will help you plan your finances so that you can bear those costs, not covered in the policy, without any difficulty.

Final Thoughts!

Buying an international travel cover is affordable. It gives you the much-required financial safety when you are on a vacation or a business trip. Even students can get student travel plans which are customised travel plans for those who are planning to pursue education abroad.

To avail the coverage, you are required to file a travel insurance claim and notify your insurer as per the specified time. The expenses will be reimbursed, as per policy terms and conditions. Some travel plans provide the cashless claim settlement facility wherein the insured person need not make any direct payment for the medical expenses.

Care Travel Insurance plans offer destination-specific coverage for travellers with adequate coverage.When choosing a travel cover, also look for benefits you can avail of, such as an extension of the trip and missed flight connection. People who frequently travel overseas now also have the choice to go for multi-trip travel plans.

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