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Buying a car online: Save a trip - have it shipped to you

It has never been easier to buy a car online and you can even have it shipped to you. With busier lives and many businesses moving online, you can buy your vehicle online from the comfort of your own home or office. Here are some guidelines for when you buy a car online.

How do you buy a car online?

There are several options available when you want to buy a car online: 

  • You can use a dealership that specializes in pre-owned vehicles (unless you want to buy a new car!), 
  • Online car dealers such as Ebay Motors, or Auto Trader. 
  • Cars are high-ticket items, so it's vital that you buy a car online from a registered company.
  • FSBO - cars for sale by owners is another option for buying cars online. Of course, these individuals won’t carry the accreditations that a registered dealer does. However, there are ways to do due diligence.

Why Use an Auto Transport Broker?

When you buy a car online, you can use an auto transport broker to save you time on  researching carriers. By using an auto transport broker,  you could even receive your car faster. 

They will arrange the truck, a collection and delivery time slot, and insurance. In many cases, a transport broker can negotiate better rates than what you would have been able to find, due to the large volume of shipments they send every month. 

If your time is limited, or if it’s your first time buying a car online and shipping it, this is surely an option to consider.

How do you find a good auto transport company?

Many online car buyers fall into the trap of just hiring a trailer and driving through to fetch the car. They fail to consider the extra fuel and wear and tear on their vehicles and the time it takes to transport a vehicle across vast distances.

  1. The most important thing is to receive your car in tip top condition. Therefore,  research the auto transportation company before you click on that check out button. 
  2. Take your time to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with their online reviews, industry accreditations, and customer reviews.
  3. Does the company have any claims against them? 
  4. What kind of ratings do past customers give them 
  5. Are they insured in the event of  damages or theft occurs? 
  6. Do they ship to only a certain point or can they deliver straight to your home? 

Let the seller take care of everything

An easy option would be for the seller to take care of all the arrangements to get the vehicle to you. There are a number of websites where sellers include shipping as part of their service and sale. There could be additional costs for the shipping but everything is taken care of by the dealer, saving you even more time in the end. This is especially beneficial when you buy a car from an online dealership.

If you buy from a private seller, it might be a good idea to shop around for quotes of your own. 

Open or Enclosed Auto Shipping?

Auto transportation presents two options, namely:

  • open vehicle shipping
  • enclosed auto transport

Do you want your new car shipped to you in a closed truck, oron an open truck? 

Shipping in a closed truck or container reduces the risk of in-transit damages to your vehicle. No stones, branches, or weather damage can damage your car. It would  be wise to take this option if you ordered a rare or a very high value vehicle. 

Using open transport would mean that you save a large amount of money on the auto transportation. Your vehicle would be loaded with other vehicles on the same truck. The shipping company will let you know when a space is available for your destination before it will be shipped out. Alternatively, you can select a date but at an additional cost. 

Waiting for your car to arriveNAT can deliver your car from the east coast to the west coast or vice versa in under 10 days from accepting the auto transport quote to scheduling, to collection; travel time is  about 4-6 days to delivery .

Shipping companies move various kinds of loads all over the USA. If you are located in a rural area or a small town, you could consider collecting the vehicle yourself in the closest city. Or you could arrange to collect it from the depot closest to you. NAT can deliver your car from the east coast to the west coast or vice versa in under 10 days from accepting the auto transport quote to scheduling collection, travel time about 4-6 days to delivery.. The cost of shipping is calculated from pick up point to destination point.

The winter months

Did you know that shipping during specific seasons throughout the year could save you money? Wintertime is the best time to make use of auto transportation. Truck workloads decrease during this period, meaning you could pay less as trucking companies try to fill up their loads. 

Insurance is critical

Taking out comprehensive insurance to transport your vehicle is critical. No matter how careful anyone is, accidents and mishaps can still happen. Read the contract properly or speak to an insurance broker and make sure you have full cover if anything were to happen. 

Why is transporting a vehicle online an advantage?

When you buy a vehicle online and just don’t have the time to collect it, you can simply have it shipped straight to you. This is a great option for someone who has little to no time to drive or fly up and collect it. This means you save money on fuel costs and a plane ticket. You also don’t have to waste unnecessary time taking off from work. This all makes life a little easier and more convenient to you.

Buying a vehicle online need not present too many hassles. You can buy your dream car with a click of a button. Then select a reputable auto transportation company and arrange the shipping. It’s that simple!

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