Buying Guide For Different Bathroom Fittings


While renovating for your bathroom, you might have come across different bathroom terminology. One such term is ‘bathroom fittings’, but do you know the exact meaning of it? Keep reading this article to know what bathroom fittings are and what options do you have while bathroom renovations in Frankston and some handy advice to get started.

What are bathroom fittings?

In simple terms, bathroom fittings are the things that are fitted in addition to the main parts of your room which are also known as fixtures. Bathroom fixtures are recognized as permanent elements that are either plumbed or wired in, while there are some movable or detachable fixtures also available which you can remove when you want to renovate.

Some of the bathroom fixtures include:

  • Bath
  • Toilet
  • Basin or sink
  • Shower
  • Taps
  • Fitted furniture
  • And many more

While bathroom fittings include:

  • Toilet seat
  • Shower curtains
  • Toilet roll holder
  • Soap dispenser
  • Freestanding or wall mounted bathroom furniture
  • Basin or bath waste
  • Detachable shelves
  • ●     And more

Now, let’s look at some of the bathroom fittings in details.

Toilet seats

Toilet seat is one of the most common replacements in a bathroom because it goes with much wear and tear through time. Today’s toilet seat is made with highly durable materials such as thermoplastic or thermoset. Apart from being durable, these materials are also resistant to stains and scratches.

Although, if you prefer a more authentic look then you can go with solid wood or wood effect seats that are available in a wide range of colours. Moreover, toilet seats come with soft close hinges that prevent excessive wear and tear. You can also get a detachable toilet seat for easy cleaning.

Shower curtains

While there are still shower screens available to keep water firmly in its place, many people prefer shower curtains for that. Get a shower curtain that matches with the rest of your decor and also wash frequently to ensure mould doesn’t grow.

Bathroom accessories

While choosing bathroom accessories, you need to have a firm idea about the kind of elements you require. The type of bathroom fittings you choose will ultimately dictate the overall style of your bathroom. Like a contemporary bathroom will need more modern, minimalist design, on the other hand, the traditional design would require more intricately detailed accessories with ceramic inlays.

Freestanding or wall mounted bathroom furniture

Bathroom fittings cover several different furniture items such as mirror cabinets, wall cabinets or drawer cabinets. Bathroom fittings are generally items of furniture that can easily detach or moved. Although, items such as vanity units and fitted furniture comes under the category of bathroom fixtures.

Retro double rack copper shelf

As the name suggests, this double rack shelf is the oldest design that you can see in the bathroom during the 90’s era. Today, this rack design is available in copper, if you want to feel nostalgic!

Bamboos liquid soap dispenser

The good news for the people against plastic and metal accessory is that there are bamboo made accessories available for your bathroom! One such bathroom accessory is the liquid soap dispenser that would look perfect with any modern style washbasin.

Storage cupboard

Almost every bathroom will have a storage compartment below the washbasin as it is the most recent accessory sold. Moreover, it is also less clumsy when you compare it with an open shelf cupboard. In order to match with your bathroom interiors, you can also make it look attractive by laminating it.


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