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Buying Guide for Pet CBD Oil

Over the past few years, supplements have created a niche for themselves in the pet health domain. One such supplement is CBD oil, a natural alternative to medicines, which has helped pets cope with a number of mental and physical issues. 


As it is a popular product, several companies offer less than satisfactory products to take advantage of the booming industry. It is important that you know what goes into the product you give to your pets. Here are the main factors to decide what things you need to be mindful of when buying this oil. 

Hemp Source

The first and foremost thing to take note of is whether the hemp was grown in natural places or was grown organically. Make sure that the help was grown in the country where the oil was extracted as shipping to a different place involves environmental impact.


Potency is the product’s strength and is measured in milligrams. The strength of the dose is directly proportional to the milligram present per volume. Serve your canine milligrams according to its weight and size, whether it is a large, medium or small breed. It is, however, always better to consult a vet before serving the oil to the dog.

Lab Results

Your pet is your child and you leave no stone unturned to ensure it gets the perfect diet. Therefore, check the lab results. Companies that do not show the lab results or those whose results are not updated in the past year, should be kept out of the list. You may also back check the laboratory where the test was conducted to confirm the results.

Size and Price Variations

Always get size as per your dog’s breed size. These oils are mostly available in varied sizes of 150 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg, and sometimes 1500 mg. 

The oil is by no means less expensive and an average oil costs $1/day. Though costly, by serving this oil to your pets, you create a baseline for value as your pet can combat several disorders by consuming it. 

Brand Transparency

Any reputed brand will maintain transparency to ensure goodwill. Besides lab results, they will also divulge their farming practices, pricing, online feedback and locations. Take a look at the social media reviews to see the quality of feedback and check if they reply to the queries made. 

Customer Service

Though people opt for customer service only when they need it, you can ask around to learn how the company responds to after-sales or before-sales queries. This way you will know that you are investing in the right place and that the company has nothing to hide about its product or its quality.

Website Experience

As reaching out to ordering CBD products should be easy and convenient, make sure that the company has a website and a mobile-friendly one of that. The website should be easily accessible, have good loading speed, easily navigable, and make payment hassle-free.  


The quality of CBD oil depends on the size and breed of your dog. When you come across the ideal product, you will realize how your pet’s life gets better.  

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