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Buying Wholesale Boutique Items? Try These 5 Online Retailers

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Buying Wholesale Boutique Items? Try These 5 Online Retailers

If you are a small shop and boutique owner, managing finances is of utmost importance. Business expenses accumulate quickly! As a result, it is vital to find a wholesaler with quality yet affordable products. Locating the right partners enables you to maximize profits and meet all the necessary expenses on time.

For small shops and boutique owners, maintaining a happy customer base is the greatest challenge. It is essential to find a reliable supplier for wholesale products such as wholesale wooden hangers. 

Five Online Retailers for Wholesale Wooden Hangers

Small shops and boutique owners ought to have a dependable supplier for their products to succeed. The choice of wholesaler should also sell high-quality products but at reasonable prices. 

This article puts forward five retailers that would be great suppliers of wholesale products for your upcoming boutique business.

Wholesale Boutique

Based in South Carolina, first up is Wholesale Boutique. They are famous for stocking quality bags, accessories, apparel, and home goods. If you would like to obtain stylish products that will keep your customers content, Wholesale Boutique is just the partner you need. 

Their products are unique and made to allow personalization, depending on your needs. They pride themselves in using superior marketing tools that enable faster order processing. They have a lifestyle brand, Viv&Lou, which offers fashionable products for people who love having fun. 

Store Supply Warehouse

They have been stocking small businesses, online retailers, and boutiques for over 25 years. If you are a small business that is just starting, Store Supply Warehouse is the best option for a wholesaler. They prioritize customer satisfaction hence their stylish and quality products. 

They pride themselves in stocking quality products that are customizable to set you apart from the competition. Such products are:

  • Clothing racks

  • Wholesale wooden hangers

  • Full line retail bags and packaging

  • Jewelry supplies

  • Display cases

Fixtures and Displays

Well-known for its vast collection of hangers, this company understands the importance of selling products that suit your customers. They stock wholesale wooden hangers and hangers made of metal, plastic, and velvet slimline. Their products are of superior quality and are perfect for your wardrobe.

Their hangers come in varied sizes and colors, depending on your preference. If you are looking for quality but inexpensive products, Fixtures and Displays is the place to shop. 


They are the go-to wholesalers for luxury fashion brands and supply many small shops and boutiques. They are customer friendly and have a wide range of quality products to choose from. The site stocks products from over 70 luxury fashion brands at reasonable prices that let you maximize profits. If you are an international customer, you need not worry as they dispatch their products at a worldwide flat rate within 24 hours.

Butler Hangers

Their vast and varied stock of luxury products is the best. They manufacture and supply luxury home items for many online retailers and boutiques throughout the world. Their classy range of wholesale wooden hangers of superior quality sets them apart from most boutique wholesalers. Their high-end coat, suit, shirt, and trouser hangers for both men and women come in many colors and designs. 

Hangers at Butler Hangers suit your clothes by maintaining their natural contour and preventing damage. 

Shop at Butler Hangers for Strong and Elegant Hangers

Butler Hangers has a quality line of wholesale wooden hangers that have a unique and professional finish. These hangers have a solid German Grade A beech wood material, which makes them strong and durable. 

Also, their vast experience ensures that they make products that suit their customers’ needs. Contact Butler Hangers today for the best hangers that will guarantee the longevity of your garments.

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