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Buying Wholesale Hair Bundles At A Discount

A discount deal of wholesale hair bundles or "coupons" is a way of purchasing cheap hair wigs without going through a salon. The most common terminology used for hair coupons is "bundle of hair". However, there are many other terms used in the hair industry like "clip on extensions" and "bundles of hair". They all mean the same thing. The most common use of the word "coupon" is used to describe hair coupons which can be availed at a discounted rate from an online vendor.

Conventional Term

The conventional term "bundle of hair" generally refers to a single bonded weft hair extension unit. The common units lengths are usually 3.5oz - 100 grams. The maximum common length of wholesale hair bundles offered at shops usually ranges from 10" to 32" long. Many celebrities are caught wearing wigs that are considered to be more than twice the customary length.

There are different types of wholesale hair bundles offered at stores. The most commonly known are the hair wefts, clip-ons, three bundles, virgin hair, and Remy hair. Wefts are the wefts used for application in a wig cap. Clip-ons are used in a variety of styles including braiding, ponytails, cornrows, weaves with extensions. Virgin hair has never been attached to any scalp and hence, it is known as pure hair.

Bundle Types

Three bundles are quite common. One is the single unit bundle deal, two are multiple bundles and the last is half volume. The seller advertises the sale of single units or multiple units and half volume bundles at half price. Customers looking for discount hair accessories can purchase these three at once for a reduced price. The best part about purchasing all these three at once is that one can save a lot of money on the same item. The seller may also offer additional discounts like free shipping.

For buyers, a three Bundle deal has an advantage. First, the prices are competitive. Second, they can select three similar products for the same price. Lastly, the seller has no choice but to charge the same price for all three bundles. Since the three bundles have similar styling characteristics, they are compatible to each other.

In recent times, wholesale hair extension offers have emerged with a unique concept, especially when it comes to pricing strategy. Private label extensions or PLECs as they are called in the industry, provide consumers with a chance to experiment with various hair products without having to pay the standard wholesale price. There is no limit to the number of private label extensions that a buyer can order for use in daily styling. In fact, if a buyer wants to try out a new brand, he can buy up three bundles and then return the original packaged product to the seller.

These three bundles can be bought in a variety of colors and textures. There are also varying lengths available in these hair extensions. Since the buyer is the one who chooses the colors, length, texture, and chemicals for his or her own hair, the buyer benefits from the best of both worlds in a three-bundle sale. He can also get a good bargain from the seller by offering a competitive rate. Wholesale sellers usually offer better rates than retail stores.

Private label extensions have gained widespread popularity in recent times. These extensions, available at wholesale hair extensions sale prices, are highly recommended over the conventional hair pieces available at retail prices. Buyers get to buy the same quality for half the retail price. With the help of the private label feature, the consumer is able to choose hair that matches his or her personality.

Lace Front Wigs and Wholesale Hair Bundle FAQs

Buying wholesale hair bundles and wholesale lace front wigs is becoming increasingly popular in the market. There are many reasons why women prefer to buy these products. Firstly they offer great value for money. They are often bought as one-off items and thus will be much cheaper than purchasing them as part of a larger set. Also, there is a huge variety available and prices can vary widely between different wholesalers. Another advantage is that the hair colour that a customer chooses is up to them and can be matched to their own natural hair colour if this is preferred.

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Wholesale Lace Front Wigs is one of the largest wholesale suppliers of high quality, luxurious Brazilian hair. They have many different collection of synthetic and real human hair available. They have various shades to choose from and their highest quality Brazilian virgin hair is sourced from selected Brazilian islands, mostly in the Amazon, which is extremely fair-trade. They also have other hair types like Chinese, Indian, Peruvian and Malaysian. All are of the highest quality available.

These wholesale suppliers also offer a huge range of accessories to go with any style. Such as clips for styling, caps, hats, shawls, and even headbands. They also have many different lengths available such as Brazilian, long Brazilian, short, Brazilian side swept. All are individually named, ensuring each customer gets the correct size. The 360 lace front wig alone is called "360 lace front wigs" which makes it very easy for customers to find what they need.

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