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Buying Your First Bike? Consider a Super Pocket Bike With The Following Tips!

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Every bike rider remembers his or her first bike and purchasing your first bike should be a good experience. You need to be patient, do some research and then purchase your first bike to ensure that you do not end up with a ride that does not match your preferences. 

Before you pull the clutch, sit down to decide upon a few things. For example- 

  • What type of riding you would be doing, 

  • What would be your daily commute, and 

  • What is your budget for the expenses related to your bike? 

These are some of the most important factors to consider while purchasing a bike. Below are some of the tips that would smooth things out for you while buying a motorcycle. From safety tips to insurance-related matters. This article covers everything you need to know before buying a new bike:

Things to consider before buying a new bike

Motorcycle safety

Bike riders are one of the most exposed riders on the road as they tend to ride at more risk than car drivers. So, it is always better to consider the safety parameters of bike riding. Every bike rider must complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course before purchasing his or her first bike. This course is like a car driver’s training course and prepares the bike rider to maintain safety and follow the traffic rules while riding. Also, check out the recommended safety gear and rules for riding your bike. For example, different states impose different rules when it comes to super pocket bikes. 

Motorcycle insurance

You might think that you have got your finances ready for your new motorcycle. But you need to include the insurance cost of the vehicle as well. In most states, motorcycle insurance is mandatory and you would have to pay a fine if you do not have motorcycle insurance. 

Motorcycle insurance will also protect you in case of injuries or property damage if you are found responsible. The insurance covers your medical bills, theft loss, accidental damages, and more. 

Liability coverage is one of the biggest advantages of insurance coverage. It can protect you in case someone gets injured or property is damaged by your motorcycle. 

After you got the insurance part of your motorcycle covered then you can start thinking about the specifics of your new bike.

Find what suits you

Every motorcycle is different. There is no standard set of features such as steering wheel, adjustable seats, etc. That’s why it is important to find the right fit for yourself. Evaluate your motorcycle on the basis of different parameters.

There are different types of motorcycles available in the market. Sports bikes, naked bikes, semi-naked bikes, super pocket bikes, etc there are a lot of options available for the buyer. 

Sports bikes are good for motorcycle enthusiasts who like to ride at very high speeds. The riding position of these bikes is at an inclined angle with the rider leaned forward to have easy access to the handlebar. These bikes can be strenuous on your back and shoulders for longer rides.

Naked and semi-naked bikes are good options for beginners. The riding position is upright and these bikes are good for long as well as short rides.

Cruisers are also a great option for first-time buyers. These bikes are most suitable for long rides. The seats of these bikes are positioned at a slightly lower level than the normal bikes. The handlebars are at a higher position. These bikes have a higher weight than normal bikes. So riding them can be a bit difficult for people who prefer lightweight bikes.

Apart from these classifications, bikes can be also classified on their size and dimensions. There are small-sized bikes known as super pocket bikes. These super pocket bikes are available in both electric and gasoline fuel options. Super pocket bikes have 75-125cc engines and are available in different body types. The only drawback with super pocket bikes is that there are different rules prevalent in different states regarding the purchase and usage of these super pocket bikes.

Do your research

Before buying any product you must do thorough research. In the case of bikes whatever bike you decide to buy make sure that you know the bike’s brand and model. You will also need to look into the servicing and availability of the spare parts of the bike in the market. All these pointers help you to know your bike inside out.

There are different bike options available in the market. For every budget, there is a bike option available. If you are looking for something that would suit your daily commute and will not burn a hole in your pockets try super pocket bikes. They are fun to ride and are also well suited for everyday errands. If super pocket bikes interest you click here to know more.

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