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Kitchen cabinets vary in size. Due to such variation, you might consider it to attach with the ceilings. Is it right or wrong to set the cabinet to ceilings, depends upon the size and material strength of the cabinet? The size may evolve with the change in floors. Sometimes they cross the ceilings and carry on to the upper floor. This varies from 8 ft to 9/10 ft tall on the first floor. In the same way, the cabinets cover the gap between the floors. The ceiling gaps lying between the floors are used for wiring and technical storage area. But it looks very weird when the cabinet sheet is directly entered into the ceiling, for this purpose, you have to use crown molding to cover the ceilings so that it would be decorative and beautiful.

Although it looks decorative to use the crown molding to cover the gaps between the ceiling and cabinets. But still, the question comes to mind that you should cover the spaces or not. If leading to luxury, you can use the crown moldings. Thus you have to analyze the benefits and disadvantages of the spaces and the wall oven cabinets. It is up to you that you want to add another storage cabinet or not. In recent trends, it is often that the heights reach the top of the floor. But still, you might need some information about leaving the spaces near the ceilings.

Merits of Tall Cabinets near Ceilings

Extra Spaces for Storage

 Storage is an important factor affecting the customer while choosing the design of the cabinet. Most people prefer tall cabinets that lead up to ceilings. Touching the ceilings not only provides beauty but also the maximum space for storage as compared to the normal cabinets with limited space for storage. Normally the maximum size comes at 42’’ tall. The purpose of tall cabinets fills up space in the room which is additional.


Seeking aesthetic purposes, you must consider the decorative crown molding for the ceilings. The tall and ceilings cabinets are very good for decorative purposes. You can have some lightning factor in the front doors of the cabinets. Thus, modern contrast colorization leads to a charming look of the cabinet.

It is feasible to suggest that certain people can like extra cabinets merely to make sure they reach the ceiling. Alternatively, some people just elect to leave the room above the top cabinets. These individuals can select plants in this area, so everything's a question of choice.

Less Maintenance

Many may oppose the grain and choose to position plants on the ceiling because they feel that the kitchen may look too overcrowded, antique, and archaic. Moreover, this implies that you would have to clean and dust more if you had additional stuff at the top of the cabinetry. The ceiling height cases are therefore large since they do not have a surface that may easily gather dirt or dust. This simplifies cleaning and maintenance because it is easy to perform. Thus, you don’t need to put yourself into trouble for cleaning sharp edges above the cabinet.

A Good Finishing and Luxurious Look

Wall oven cabinet by polishing the cabinetry, a new and beautiful look is rendered. People find it more luxurious and beautiful in this regard. This enhances the synchronization of the cabinet with the ceilings.

Demerits Of Tall Cabinets Near Ceilings


Ceiling cabinets are high enough to give hard time to reach for polishing and refinery. The accessibility of the things in the upper cabinet is not easy. You need a ladder to take yourself high enough to reach the uppermost cabinet. There are also major safety issues in this respect. They are also quite costly, therefore some individuals may feel pricey because they are not reasonable. These cabinets require fillers to help make the top appear somewhat uniform. This helps to correct spots that don't look flush at the ceiling. Considering the fact of height, we can not always keep the sight open.

Crown Molding and Decoration

Although crown moldings are very useful for decorative purposes, their installation needs a bit of space between the ceilings and the cabinet. Their installation leaves the extra space which becomes useless. It becomes necessary to install the crown molding on the top of the cabinet because there is no other option, either way, it is going to look weird. Thus, you can’t compromise. Moreover, the crowns are the only aesthetic dimension of beauty. It consumes a lot of space. So you have to sacrifice.

Based on this, it is evident that the question of whether a kitchen cabinet should reach the ceiling is not a definite solution. Everything relies on what you choose and what you think is perfect and appropriate. The reason is that the kitchen cabinet up to the room has some advantages and some disadvantages, so it is an extremely sensitive balance, which exceeds the other one among the two.

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