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Call Compliance for Microsoft Teams Increases Productivity

Too often, compliance feels like a necessary evil, a list of qualifications and requirements that companies must meet to keep lawsuits away. However, the application platforms that have been designed to manage call compliance have given rise to a tremendous secondary benefit: a window into the productivity of a company's customer service operation. 

Microsoft Teams Compliance

Microsoft Teams continues to gain market share in customer service operations. Combining its unique suite of collaborative tools with a cloud-based compliance platform may become your next secret weapon for increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Agent Performance - Don’t Just Measure Compliance

Your agents naturally require compliance checks. Did the agent read disclaimers, notify the customer of their rights, get permission to charge the customer’s credit card? These questions may take care of compliance, but there’s a second performance layer that has less to do with what the agent said and more to do with how they said it. 

Let's look at three data layers that can teach you more about your customer service operation and any survey or questionnaire ever sent to your customers. 

Layer 1: Emotional Progress of Call Audio

AI-driven analytics allow us to measure the emotional content of a conversation, both from the agent and the customer side. Your call recording platform can synchronize its tracking of the emotional changes on the call with a text transcript. 

Layer 2: Video Capture

Microsoft Teams has become immensely popular for its video capabilities. Your call recording platform should be able to gather the video for these calls. Knowing how your agents present themselves and understanding how each customer visually reacts is almost as good as being on the call yourself. 

Layer 3: Agent Screen Recording

Last, but by no means least, knowing what your agent was doing on their computer during the call isn't just informative; it can be critical data. Many agents deal with a company-provided call screen that helps them log information and handle customer accounts. Reviewing how the agent interacts with the screen can help identify training needs, efficiencies in the software, and practices that need to be corrected (watching Netflix, etc).

Discover New Revenue Streams

Your Microsoft Teams meetings record multiple product ideas and feature requests directly from your customers. This business intel exists both in your sales calls and your support calls. You can even mine calls with negative outcomes for this vital data. 

Use AI-Analytics to Sort Your Call Recordings

Using Analytics, you can search for keywords and key phrases as well as calls with positive and negative emotions on them. You can search for mentions of your competitors and frequent support issues. Let your compliance platform sort that unstructured data from your Team’s meetings so you can get a clear picture of what your customers want from you most. 

Turn Negatives Into Business Intel

You can use the data pulled from your analytical searches to make a case for new business practices, customer campaigns, and new product direction. Analytics allows us to quickly see the frequency of sales requests and support issues, minus the wait for manual data analysis. 

Take Strain Off Your Agents

It's no secret that long hold times lead to higher call abandonment rates and lower customer satisfaction. The more your agents are bogged down with post-call processes, the longer it will take for them to get back to engaging with your customers. But with a cloud-based compliance platform, many processes can be automated to free up your agents for customer time. 

PCI Redaction

Agents deal with sensitive customer data all the time. Not only are there security risks involved when agents handle this personal data but there are several steps that need to be taken to redact that data. Why not let your call compliance platform identify and scrub that data so your agent doesn't have to? It meets compliance, reinforces security, saves time and also money. 

Train Those Agents

As discussed earlier, you have three layers of rich data to analyze because you use Microsoft Teams: audio, video, and screen recording. Identify your best and worst calls and craft a training curriculum around them. Showing an agent the difference between success and failure through these recordings is an immeasurably valuable tool that your compliance platform offers you. 

Change How You Look at Microsoft Teams Compliance

No longer is there a need to look at compliance begrudgingly. The list of benefits to your bottom line (customer satisfaction, product development, and agent performance) make looking into a cloud-based compliance platform like Atmos by CallCabinet well worth your while and could change the way you look at Microsoft Teams compliance.

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