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Can a Motherboard Be Repaired? 3 Possible Cases!

Without motherboards, even a single component cannot run because it holds everything on it. CPU is the brain of a computer, but I think the motherboard is the father of a CPU because inserting a processor is not possible without a motherboard.

So everything on your PC is performed through the motherboard, but what happens when it gets damaged? You perform numerous tasks on your PC through the motherboard, and your motherboard faces all that load. In this section, there are chances your motherboard can be damaged.

If it is damaged, then what will you do? Surely, you'll try to repair it. In this article, we're going to mention the 3 cases where the motherboard can be repaired. You can also repair a dead motherboard, but you've to change everything, including its capacitors, RAM slots, expansions slots, Chipset, and every other thing. So repairing a dead motherboard is useless, but buying a new one is recommended.

But there are some cases, your damaged motherboards can be repaired, and I am going to mention the 3 common cases when your motherboard can be repaired.

Case 1: After Pressing The Power Button, Your PC Stops Running

That's the most common problem every person faces. I've seen many people questioning in groups that "When I press the power button, my PC starts, and suddenly its display disappears." These cases only come when some power components of your motherboard are damaged.

Most people are answering, "Remove your RAM from DIMM Slot and clean it with rubber, then press the power button." In most cases, this doesn't work because if your motherboard stops working suddenly, there is a problem with the power components.

So to avoid this problem, you've to check the capacitors and VRM side of your motherboard because your motherboard receives power from the power supply. That power is sent to the VRM panel, and the VRM panel calculates the voltage and delivers the power to your motherboard.

If something like that is happening with you, try to fix your VRM panel. Diagnose your motherboard with a power calculation device and see that your VRM is delivering equal power or no.

That's what you have to do when you are facing this case. Don't just re-insert your RAM after cleaning it, but fix the issues coming in the voltage section. If your VRM panel is delivering full power, then you will not face this issue. 

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Case 2: Some External Devices are Not Working Properly

 That's another common problem, and this happens mostly on laptops. Even I faced this problem with my laptop. Sometimes the WiFi signals disappeared from my laptop, and not even a single network showed up. That problem occurs because of your Chipset.

When technology was not advance, there were 2 types of Chipsets, North and South Bridge Chipset. North Bridge was connected to your internal things, and South Bridge was connected to your external things. USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, USB Flashdrives, and even WiFi have connected with South Bridge Chipset. But after some time, the concept of North and South Bridge vanished, and now there is a simple Chipset that controls both things.

If your WiFi signals sometimes disappear, you should fix your Chipsets, and this issue will be resolved. Your WiFi antenna also shows up, and you don't have to iron your Chipset to take it back to work. Just fix the issue from your WiFi Chipset, and you are good to go. If you are fond of ironing, then I have a special offer for you.

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Case 3: No Voltage Appears in MY Motherboard

That's the last issue everyone faces, which happens when you overclock your motherboard for a long period. Let's say your processor memory is 3.0 GHz along with 4 GB RAM.

You perform tasks that require more memory. That's overclocking, and that is not recommended by any means. You can overclock your motherboard sometimes, but doing this, again and again, is never recommended.

In this case, your motherboard gets serious damage because you are putting an extra load multiple times. In most cases, your motherboard gets damaged, and all its components that face the overclocking load gets damaged.

In this condition, you've to replace your motherboard with a new one, and repairing that motherboard again is never recommended because you've overclocked that motherboard multiple times.

If you repair that same machine, it doesn't show that same power next time. So it's better to replace it with a new one.


So these are the 3 cases where your motherboard faces problems. If you avoid these 3 mistakes, there are fewer chances of damage. But if you don't, then you can face these issues.

If you have any questions about motherboard repairing, quickly comment because we're waiting for your response.

Case 1 and Case 2 are not a big deal, but Case 3 is a difficult scene. In that case, there are fewer chances that your motherboard survives because overclocking every time destroys your motherboard's memory. Not only your motherboard gets damages, but the other components are also damaged. Let's say you are playing any game, and that requires 8 GB memory, but you are forcing your motherboard to gain all the 8 GB memory through RAM and compile it in that game.

Now this will cause a serious problem because your RAM will not perform as it has performed earlier. It means the other components are also damaged, and you should avoid this case.

So that's all I've to say, and any problem? You can ask in our website's comments section.

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Rafique Faisal
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