Can corporate reward be reinvented with challenge coin?


Traditionally, to motivate and empower its employees, the company uses challenges to identify the one who has worked the best, and therefore who has brought in the most money for his company. But this somewhat rigid definition of “the model employee” is changing. While today's employees are increasingly seeking meaning and balance in their work, and employers are concerned about their social responsibility towards their teams, it is less about to identify the “best” than to maintain motivation - and therefore the feeling of recognition of employees.

Motivating its employees: a flourishing business and Challenge coin

The corporate challenge arose from the need to motivate the troops: giving employees specific objectives and providing them with the opportunity to obtain special recognition for their efforts also boosts the productivity of the company. A tool widely used by sales teams, these indicators can, however, be much larger or more original than the number of new contracts signed. More and more, we are seeing the emergence of challenges concerning peripheral activities, even outside the company, which help to give more meaning to work. As part of a CSR policy, employers can encourage their employees to take up environmental or social challenges.

The corporate opt for challenge coins to recognize the new joining. These could be containing the logo of their brand. There could be special designs like hitting any sales goals or helped in reaching the special milestones. The hard work of any employee must e recognized with even a small gesture and challenge coin is the best way to commemorate the employee for its astounding work and accomplishments to keep him or her motivated. There could be years of service coins to employees who completed 10 years, 5 years or 25 years etc. This is belongingness to the organization towards its employees who have devoted this much years of his life to the organization.

To promote this positive atmosphere, more and more companies are offering activities or challenges that go beyond traditional team-building. We can mention the solidarity days, which mobilize employees around a common cause, but also the business challenges that promote team cohesion on a daily basis.

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Know how to reward

Who says business challenge also says reward: even if the challenges change, both in their nature and in their form, they must always respond to a need to enhance employees. And in this area, it is increasingly accepted that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The American researcher Ned Herrmann thus developed a personality test to find out which rewards people are more sensitive to remuneration, involvement in company affairs, peer recognition or participation and pleasure. Some will prefer to receive a bonus when others will be happier to receive intangible prizes (temporary participation on the board of directors, a voucher to leave the office earlier or arrive later telework day) or even collective (group tasting, visit, trip). Another big trend is digital rewards, which allow employees to choose for themselves the consideration that will please them the most. If the gift voucher is still the most popular solution for managers to reward their teams, boxes and other gift cards offering experiences ranging from the day at the spa to the beer brewing workshop are on the rise.

The real key to maintaining motivation in a company knows the aspirations of your employees.

For this, nothing prevents them from completing a questionnaire, or from using certain digital tools. The work community has thus invented a tool called Rachid which, every day, asks employees how they feel about their work and feeds the information back to the rest of the team or to managers. For its part, Wittyfit offers a team morale monitoring solution: it is a digital platform for continuous management and animation of the quality of life at work, on which employees can share their feelings in real-time and which also offers advice and solutions to deal with certain situations. This approach promotes listening, sharing and dialogue to strengthen team spirit and therefore improve employee engagement and involvement. A probably more effective way than HR meetings or informal discussions at the coffee machine to detect the loss of motivation in an employee.