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Can I Get Snow Removal Insurance?

While we may have just entered fall, snow is likely just around the corner. This is an exciting time for those in the snow removal business, as they wrap up any outstanding tasks for the summer and get ready to pull out their snow removal equipment for the winter. In Canada, they’re almost guaranteed to have a busy season, so business should be booming.

However, with more snow and ice comes more risk. While they may not own the commercial properties they service, they can certainly be held responsible for any incidents that occur due to their snow removal. Therefore, responsible and reputable snow removal companies, such as, will take the appropriate measures to ensure that they are legally and financially protected. In fact, some may wonder whether there is insurance designed specifically for snow removal. Let’s explore whether such a type of insurance is an option.

Snow removal insurance is a policy package specially designed to protect snow removal contractors against common risks associated with their professional activities, such as slip-and-fall injuries or property damage. 

Whether you are a landscaper who offers snow services in the winter, or snow and ice removal is your primary source of income, snow removal insurance is a critical component of your risk management strategy. Following an incident, there is a two-year window where a claim could be filed against you. This means that even if you are no longer operating, you still need coverage. 

Can I get snow removal insurance?

Yes, you are able to get snow removal insurance in Canada. Due to the nature of the business, snow removal companies are at higher-than-average risk of receiving liability lawsuits. Therefore, snow removal insurance is a smart investment, as it could potentially ensure the survival of your business.

What is snow removal insurance?

Snow removal insurance is a policy package specifically designed to protect snow removal companies and contractors against common risks associated with their professions, such as slip and fall injuries or property damage.

Snow removal insurance is essentially an add-on feature to commercial general liability (CGL) insurance, which is a type of policy fundamental to any business owner, as it protects against bodily harm or property damage. In the event that you are held responsible for someone injuring themselves, your snow removal insurance will cover expenses such as medical bills and legal fees. This ensures that you are not financially ruined after one lawsuit, and thus forced to close your business.

It’s important to note that snow removal insurance policies are not one-size-fits-all. Rather, each package is customized to suit your needs and style of operation. This means you can opt to cover your tools, equipment, or even personal vehicles used for work. The goal is to protect as much of your business as possible to ensure you are covered for whatever comes your way. When speaking to your insurance broker, make sure you relay the following information, as it will help to shape your plan:

  • Where you clear the snow (parking lots, streets, highways, etc.)
  • Who you work for (government, private companies, etc.)
  • What type of equipment you use
  • How often you will be working for your clients (on-call, when it snows, on a schedule, etc.)

How long does snow removal insurance last for?

Despite the fact that snow removal is not needed throughout the entire year, your policy will last for a minimum of a year. It’s important to know that a person has a two-year window to file a claim against you after a recorded incident, meaning that it’s crucial to have snow removal insurance all year long, regardless of whether there is snow on the ground. Additionally, if you ever choose to close your business, it’s strongly recommended to continue with your policy until those two years expire.

Is snow removal insurance the same as landscaping insurance?

In Canada, it’s incredibly common for companies to specialize in both landscaping and snow removal, thus enabling them to work throughout the year, regardless of the weather. However, landscaping insurance does not cover the same risks as snow removal insurance, so companies who tackle both roles will need to invest in both types of coverage.

Sure, most insurance agents are happy to send you a quote. But fewer will actually help to review your service agreements and your clients’ nuanced contract clauses. (Contract language is super important when you’re working with savvy facilities management companies and/or mega-retailers.) Fewer agents still are available to provide scope-of-work templates and other primers that will teach your team how to take photos, maintain logs, and document everything you need to protect yourself in the event of a liability claim.

Insurance is not one-size-fits-all, and depending on the location and size of your business, you may have different risks. Speak with your broker about customizing your insurance coverage to meet your specific business needs by adding additional policies

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Sagar Mandan
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