Can I lose weight just by doing 2 minutes of jogging?


Can I lose weight just by doing 2 minutes of jogging? 

 If your mind is full of such questions, then you are in the right place. Many of us think that by maintaining a strict diet, one can get slim efficiently. But it is always not that. Jogging can help you to lose weight. Our hectic schedule did not permit us to visit the gym or to any fitness training center. So, the thing that we can do is to jog for a few minutes. 

Nowadays, due to the unhealthy lifestyle, people are gaining weight unnecessarily. Though some of them are health cautious, they are still not getting sound effects after doing freehand exercises or joining gyms. So, if you are planning to shed extra pounds, then read the article.

How long should I be Jogging to Lose Weight Quickly?

The obvious question that one asks, can I lose weight if I jog every day? The answer is yes. 

  • There is no time limit for jogging. You can jog as much as your body permits you to do so.
  • If you genuinely want to become slim, you should at least jog for 15-20 minutes in the morning and in the evening. 
  • If you are a beginner, then do not run much; it will make you feel tired all the time. Slowly, increase your duration and speed. 
  • Jogging is undeniably a good exercise; it enables you to burn the additional calories in your body. 
  • Jogging has other medical values also. It enhances the state of your cardiovascular framework and cuts the risks of developing a coronary illness. You will realize how much jogging is good for weight loss. So, go for jogging to lose weight fast.

Can I lose weight by running?

Yes, of course, you can lose weight by running. Running is an excellent form of exercise. Do you have any query about how long must I run to lose weight?

 Running also gives strength and endurance power and helps to grow your immune system. 

Many of you have a question like can I lose weight by running 30 minutes a day? 

For a beginner, a 30-minutes workout is good. After two months, try to increase your running duration because your body will adapt it, and it will burn fewer calories. Most probably, you know, the faster you run, the more calories you can burn. Exercising not only helps to reduce fats, especially the belly fats. So, running can help you in getting rid of belly fats.


In this time, when going to gyms is not that safe, running and jogging can effectively succor us in becoming fit. Obesity brings many kinds of diseases. If you do not control it, then at a tender age, you might get affected by several types of illnesses. So, make a habit of running and jogging daily and lose your annoying fat.