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Can I sell my house without using a realtor?

Are you thinking of selling your house without employing the services of a realtor? Undoubtedly, exploring other means of selling your house can save you as much as 7% on commissions. For example, on a $300,000 house, that amounts to $21,000. While you can sell your house yourself, you can also consider accepting cash offers from house-buying companies. John Medina Buys Houses is one such company. With a proven passion for helping people, they attest that "we buy houses for cash in Los Angeles" is not a scam!

House-buying companies will save you from time, stress, and money spent on repairs or having a realtor sell your property. However, if you decide to sell your house on your own, here are a few tips to help make the process relatively easier.

1.      Clear out the Clutter

Having lived in a home for years, you can quickly accumulate clusters by bringing in more furniture, devices, and other things. Unfortunately, many people seem to forget how important it is to keep your house free to display the house well. There is always a piece of ill-sized furniture that prevents your home from looking spacious as it ought to be. One easy way to know if your home needs to be cleared is to ask yourself, will I be pleased as a buyer to see my next home in this condition?

2.      Fix Everything

Except you are selling your house as-is, you should always keep the house in the best condition achievable. Keeping up with repairs and upgrades lets your potential buyers know how much you care for the property. Usually, before you sell a house, an inspector comes around to observe the state of things. Now, you can have an inspector evaluate your property for even the smallest faults before the buyer comes around; otherwise, those faults you missed will reduce your home's value. Issues like dripping faucets, broken lights, broken windows, and running toilets should never be left without repair.

3.      Be Honest

It has become a norm for people to use words like "immaculate" "perfect" when listing their property on MLS. You should not be found doing this, except your house is genuinely in impeccable condition. Often houses listed with those words have a weakness(es), and when buyers find out, it is usually a turn-off. Be honest with potential buyers and inform them of potential issues yet to be fixed in the house and work with your agent to sell the property without keeping buyers in the dark.

4.      Be Deliberate

Remember, your goal is to entice potential buyers even from the exterior such that they want to purchase your home. Now, there are certain things you must be deliberate about; otherwise, you will not even attract the right set of buyers in the first place. You must always keep the house clean to show potential buyers how beautiful it looks. Plant ornamental flowers in the yard, use fresh paint on the walls and fluffed pillows in your living space. The goal is to create an excellent first impression so that a potential buyer actually purchases your home.

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5.      Set The Right Price

This is the most critical decision you have to make: list your home at the right price. If you want to have the deal completed quickly, you should not overprice your house. Although we are in a seller's market, people will not rush to pay high prices for homes, except it's worth it. If you overprice your house, you are not interested in a quick deal. In fact, you will see houses sell around you, and yours will remain as it is. You will know if you overprice your house when you look at the comparable: the price of similar homes in the neighborhood sold for. For instance, if several homes were sold in your community between $300,000 and $400,000, the price range for your property has been set indirectly. If you value your house above $400,000, it is overvalued, and if it is less than $300,000, well, it is undervalued. Setting the price is not dependent on what you desire to do or how your guts feel; you have to consider certain things. How long has your home existed? Have you renovated all or some parts of it? Do you have a larger yard? If you have positive responses to these questions and others, you might earn more in terms of profit.

6.      Price Flexibility

There are no general rules as to how market conditions will turn out to be. For instance, if you priced your home at the higher end of the price range and offers are not coming forth, you might have to reconsider that. Price flexibility doesn't mean you will end up losing at the end of the day; it only means you are wise enough to know your property is currently overpriced. You might be surprised to see people trooping in and out of your house upon lowering the price. As much as you want to profit from selling your house, you have to get it sold first. This will never happen if offers aren't forthcoming and you are not ready to lower the price.

7.      Analyze Your Multiple Offers

Understanding the basic things will help you secure a deal and save you from having your property in the market for months. The fact that buyers are looking to secure a deal fast doesn't mean they will turn blind eyes to certain things. First impressions last longer; you've got to give the best one you can. Stage your home! Rearrange furniture, remove every form of untidiness so that the rooms can look spacious and inviting. Remember, you are doing this to leave buyers with the best first impression. Every seller's goal is to have multiple offers at their table such that they have to consider which one is best and not being forced to accept the only offer they received. Luckily, you can find yourself in this situation where multiple buyers are in a nodding war to see who will end up buying the home. Do not be deceived; the highest offer you receive doesn't necessarily have to be the best. This doesn't have to be the case. People cancel deals at the end of the day, or mortgage lenders do not approve the buyer's loan. You don't want to see that deal fall through because you didn't do enough background checks.

Suppose you do not have enough knowledge about the workings of the real estate market and do not want to go through some of the stress attached to getting your house sold. We buy houses for cash in Los Angeles, and you can sell your house as-is for the best offer without having to do anything.

Don't want to work with a realtor? Some of these tips can help you sell your house and get it done quickly—all you need to implement some or all the information above. As much as the tips are focused on making potential buyers happy, it helps you accomplish your goal. You need to please potential buyers so both parties can leave the negotiating table satisfied. 

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