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Onion hair oil is replete with sulfur and has emerged as a front-runner hair care product in the past few years. But despite its goodness, you should not apply hair oil every day. Doing so will attract dust and sweat and make your scalp full of muck. You are doing more harm than good. 


In India, people have grown up around Indian beauty secrets and the amount of focus being placed on hair oiling. It boosts blood circulation and promotes hair growth. It would help if you massaged it in, so the hair can soak up all the nutrients released with oils. But, you must oil your hair at least two times a week. If you have a drier scalp, try weekly. 


Onion hair oil makes our hair stronger and prevents it from falling off. Some people have exceedingly dry hair. They can also use a dash to seep in excess moisture, almost like a serum or stay-in conditioner. It helps in managing the hair better and gives it a much-needed luster. 


However, refrain from leaving oil on your hair overnight. Oiling your hair too much is a recipe for disaster. Also, combing after oiling your hair is not a good idea, it causes hair loss. If you wish to stimulate blood flow, gently massage with your fingers.




Onion oils have gained significant momentum over the past few years. Home remedies from the olden days always stressed its potency to stimulate hair growth. However, people were apprehensive regarding the smell it bore. But with many nuances, brands have concocted onion oils that do not smell badly and get the job done. Some benefits of onion oil are listed below: 


1) It prevents premature greying. People all around the globe are obsessed with dyeing their hair. In the long run that leads to grey hair. Hair oiling provides a protective layer and defers this process. 

2) It evades oxidation to the hair. 

3) Onion oil has proved its benefits in facilitating long, healthy, and stronger hair. By improving the scalp conditions, they enhance hair growth. 

4) Spread the oil evenly on the crown area and balding spots. You will witness evident results in a few months. Onion oils are replete with goodness that augments hair growth. 

5) It also inhibits any bacteria formation and infections. People do not feel their scalp getting wet now and then. 

6) They are also surprisingly cost-effective. Unlike the expensive hair products available in the market, which usually do not live up to the hype, onion oils do. They help increase the hair's length and with minimal ingredients from your pantry.

7) It can also be used as a carrier oil with coconut, olive, sesame oil, and many others. Keep them up and massage them using round motions. Never rub your hair hastily. Oil makes your hair brittle during the application, and rough movements will cause hair fall.

8) It is also paramount in controlling frizz. Speaking as someone who has grown up in the presence of curly hair, they get uncontrollably tricky during the monsoons. Onion oil has saved so many people from fizzy hair and it has greatly helped tame the hair. It battles the extreme dryness that other oils cannot combat. 

7) Along with onion oils, people also entrust the benefits of onion juice; however, that may sting your eyes a bit. 


If you have hair troubles, you must invest in a bottle of onion oil to benefit from its effectiveness.

Can You Ship Alcohol at Home via Mail?
Can You Ship Alcohol at Home via Mail?
    Finding the right party supplies can be challenging without spending a fortune. And while people can always head to the store, it can be more fun to try something new once in a while. If folks are looking for something unique and exciting to bring to their next party, they might be shocked to learn that they can send alcohol via postal after following a few restrictions. 
This article answers the question of how can you ship alcohol through the mail and everything one needs to know to get started. So read on and find out how shipping drinks at home can add extra fun to your next celebration!
What is Alcohol, and How is It Shipped?
It is a type of beverage that is produced from fermented sugarcane or other plant sources. It can be shipped in any container approved by the U.S. Postal Service, such as a box, bottle, or can. Folks must package it properly to ensure it does not leak and cause a public disturbance. The shipping package should also include information about the product, such as the brand name and quantity.
How to Ship?
So can you ship alcohol via mail? Yes, you can send them via mail. However, keep these factors in mind:
You'll need to ensure that the package can withstand damage during shipping.
Ensure that the item is appropriately packaged and labeled to avoid any issues at the border.
Follow all the applicable state and federal regulations when shipping.
Contact a professional logistics provider if you have questions about shipping alcohol via mail. They can help you get your package shipped without any issues.
What are the Requirements for Shipping Alcohol via Mail?
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) states that alcohol is not eligible for mailing and must be shipped in containers that are three-quarters full or less. These can only be shipped to addresses within the United States. Additionally, USPS prohibits this shipment via Priority Mail, Express Mail, or First Class Package Services.
To ship such items via mail, you will need to provide the following information to the USPS:
A physical address where the items will be delivered
The weight and volume of the items being mailed
The type of package being mailed (It may only be sent in a package that is labeled as containing alcoholic beverages)
Choose to ship your drinks via Priority Mail, Express Mail, or First Class Package Services. You must provide documentation from your liquor store certifying that the product meets government regulations and is classified as an alcoholic beverage.
What are the Regulations on Such Shipping?
There are specific regulations governing the shipment of alcohol via mail. The Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA) prohibits shipping any alcoholic beverage across state lines. In addition, shipments of more than 3.4 ounces per item will be subject to additional taxes and fees.   To ship drinks through the mail, you must obtain an FAA permit. Permits are only available for shipments that do not exceed 24 fluid ounces per package and travel no farther than your address. You should also include a copy of your state liquor authority license with your application.   Once you have obtained a permit, you must follow all the same packaging and shipping requirements as if you were shipping alcohol through a commercial carrier. Ensure all required documentation, including proof of delivery, signed paperwork, and insurance information.
Trying to get your drinks shipped home through the mail can be tricky. The ideal way to send alcohol via mail is by contacting a trusted logistics partner. Look for multiple services available online and choose which fits the best.   
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