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Can Remanufactured Forklift Help You Reduce Maintenance Cost?

Forkshif trucks are a significant capital investment, whe it is deployed on full rental or contract hiring terms. As economies all over are slowly showing signs of recovery, it makes sense on the bottom line business to sustain this fragile growth.

After realizing that the cost of a new forklift is blowing out your budget, you have perhaps decided on getting a remanufactured forklift. Is remanufactured forklift really cost-efficient? Will the refurbished machine pull down your maintenance cost or spiral it upwards? Well, here are a few details that will help you get a clear picture of how effective your remanufactured forklift can be in cost-cutting.

The Pros of Buying the Remanufactured Machine


  1. The cost of the machine is low


Needless to say, when you buy a refurbished forklift, the cost drifts down to one third or a quarter of the price of the original machine. Consider that the original machine was bought 10 years ago at Price X. You pay X/3 or X/4. Considering that the cost of machinery has gone up in the last decade, you get the refurbished machine at a considerably lower rate and this rightly fits your pocket. The in-built saving that you create, can be used to a great advantage when choosing to purchase a refurbished truck. When buying a second-hand forkshift, the money that you save, can be invested in purchase of another vehicle with a higher specification and capacity which might be beyond your budget otherwise. 


  1. Old spare parts are available for change


If you need to maintain the machine or change any of its parts, such as the transmission, remanufactured forklift transmissions are available in the market. You will get ample choice and heavy discounts, plus a short-term warranty for your peace of mind. Thus, the maintenance cost in case of a breakdown or damage will be low. On the other hand, if you buy a new machine, you may not get the spare parts easily in refurbished form as the newer models are constantly updated. It may thus cost you an arm and a leg to get your new forklift repaired.

The Cons of Buying the Remanufactured Machine in Terms of Maintenance


When it comes to lift truck management, your knowledge is powerful, especially when it comes to reducing the maintenance costs for forklift. Factors such as durability of the forklift and forklift fleet age all play a major role in determining maintenance costs.


  1. The fuel consumption will be high for the refurbished machine


As new models are being introduced, the goal is to get the maximum load-lifting capacity and flexibility with lower fuel consumption. Your refurbished machine may lack such capabilities. Also, as the machine grows old, it tends to consume more fuel and the cost of running the machine in the long run becomes higher. 

The capacity to lift weight decreases as the machines age

As the machine grows older, due to constant use and wear and tear, the lift capacity decreases. After all, these are refurbished machines and have been sold by the pre-existing owners because the utility of these machines has diminished over time.


  1. Frequent maintenance is counterproductive for refurbished machines


As the machines are already old, frequent preventive maintenance and  breakdown maintenance are necessary to ensure that these functions properly. This is a sheer waste of time and also increases the maintenance cost in the long run. 


If budget is a constraint, one may go for remanufactured forklifts as these may come cheaper. However, the frequent maintenance breaks even in the long run. Though, careful handling and regular preventive maintenance go a long way in keeping the remanufactured forklift in good shape and reduces the maintenance cost in the long run.

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
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