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How can you start an eCommerce and register your business easily?

Internet users are increasing in number day by day. More people are on social platforms and eCommerce sites. Many of them have liked the concept of purchasing goods over such platforms, where they actually need to make no effort to get things done apart from choosing one and paying for them. This is the reason that businesses want to do more profit through an eCommerce. Here are the proven steps that can help you out with the procedure of landing with an eCommerce platform, successfully –

1. Aim of your business:

Before you land with your eCommerce platform, you must be sure about the objective of your business. Experts suggest that one should make list of priorities and find out the purpose of having an eCommerce website. It is necessary, because it would help you to stick to your purpose. Any kind of diversion to earn more can make you see the failure.

2. Showcase what sells:

There are a large number of things you can offer your viewers online and turn them to a potential customer but in reality, the situation may not be so easy. If you try to sell something, which people like to buy from the local shop or something which is completely new to people they might not be confident about the product and you lose your client base. The best option is to deal with the products that people love to buy online. For example, online shopping carts are more popular among people than any other eCommerce site.

3. Simple website:

This is the only thing that makes things done up to 50% for the businesses. Along with having an uncommon design, having a simple website is also important. Web-design plays an important role to engage the viewers in more online activities and that is only possible when people would find your website easy to deal with. A well-arranged eCommerce website is more accepted by people than having an extremely beautiful but complicated website. Visibility of options and easy cart access is necessary to have a successful eCommerce website.

4. Make your brand reputation:

Any business succeeds based on its brand reputation. You can open your business anytime but it will work only you can make your brand popular. Brand establishment is not an easy thing for the startups and small businesses. You need many things to work to make your brand a complete hit. Usually, the big businesses invest a lot of money to make their brand popular, which is not possible for the new ones due to the lack of fund. Hence, you must adopt pocket-friendly brand establishment strategies for your brand and business marketing. In that case, you only target should be to make people aware of your brand. This is the only way that they can recognize you buy your name before your products and services. Brand is the main factor that increases the trust in the customers for your business.

5. Social visibility:

If you want more people to know about your business and brand this is the easiest and the cheapest way to be a head turner for the startups. Make sure that you reach maximum social platforms as these are the highest traffic engaging sites that would help you to get in touch with more people online. Your strong presence over such platforms would be a certain thing to be noticed by the maximum people. The more your business would be talked about in the market the more you get traffic on your site along with increasing customers. Nowadays, businesses try to exist on the top rated social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to get noticed by social platform users.

6. Engaging content:

Website contents play an important role to make more traffic online. As an eCommerce, getting a hold on to a strong client base is necessary. That is only possible, when you make them stay on your site by providing what make them interested to be with you. This strategy helps to engage people more on your site and improves your rank on the search results too. When it comes to content, most of the people think of written contents online. But the fact is that people visiting an eCommerce hardly show their interest on blogs and articles. More than such contents, they would love have visual experiences online through quality images and videos. Firstly, using HD images that specify more attributes of your products intrigues people to search more options on your site. Clarity in picture can increase your sale up to 20%. In the other hand, you can use relevant videos related to your products and services. It will not only make people aware of your products but also help them to understand the objective of your business in a different way. At the same time, both the images and videos will help you in your business marketing. Deliver engaging video content that people show their interest to know more about your business and suggest others to view your site.

7. Back-linking:

This is another effective tool, used by several brands and businesses online to get more viewers on their site. This process engages two similar sites to divert their viewers from one to another. If you have another official site for your business you can use it or can tie up with another similar website, where you can put link on their web pages over relevant contents. It would lead more viewers to your site from that platform through a single click. You have to make sure that you are providing proper links to get more traffic on individual web pages of your site. Losing relevance may lead your customers to other websites too.

8. E-mail marketing:

This is an interesting and successful way of letting people know that you care for your customers. Email marketing can be used in different ways. One, you use this strategy to let more people know that you exist with best of the products and great services. You can use your contacts of your clients and customers to get more email IDs and continue sharing about your products with them. You can also send a thank you mail to your customers after making a purchase online and there you can share the link of handsome discount and offers on their next purchase. It would make them remind that you are there to serve them and ensure that they come back on your site soon.

9. Hire a reputation management platform:

Instead of doing so many things by yourself, share the load of your site with a trust-able reputation management platform. There are plenty of reputation building sites available online but you have to find out an affordable and quality service provider with a certain experience and a good will in the market. This is the best way to push your brand online and get the benefit having a good reputation in the market.

How can you register your eCommerce site?

  1. Proprietorship registration is the simplest way to register your eCommerce as a single person’s business. This is the most affordable and easiest way to register your online business. To make your registration done in this method, you have to follow certain steps –
  2. Make service tax registration
  3. Get CA authorization certificate
  4. Get your own PAN card and other ID proves for the business
  5. Partnership registration is another way to make your registration done for your eCommerce with a partner or partners. You need to have two directors for your business and this would be another cost-effective registration method for your eCommerce. Best for the startups, this method has been applied by many and proved to be an effective one for several eCommerce businesses.
  6. LLP or Limited Liability Partnership registration is also a valid option for the businesses, which is an effective combination of the two mentioned registration methods described above. The best feature of this method is that the owner of an eCommerce can enjoy both the facility of these two registration methods and get a lot of advantages by having flexibility in their businesses through this registration.

Experts always suggest the eCommerce startups to start with the proprietorship registration if they are on the testing mode. Confident startups should go for the LLP registration method, where partnership eCommerce businesses should go for partnership registration.

ecommerce platforms

At the end, the newcomers are suggested to work with an open cart to establish their eCommerce in the market. Open carts are the simplest and affordable options for the startups. At present, there are several open cart platforms competing in the market. Most of startup eCommerce prefer having Magento, BigCommerce or Shopify. At first evaluate the differences between Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce. No matter what you choose, you must ensure that you get 24x7 free service for your site from the platform and it should offer you the best, relevant templates for your site. One must take suggestion from the experts in order to get an idea about the eCommerce business before they start one.

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