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Can the Wonderlic Test Predict Overall Job Performance?

A Wonderlic Test is a progressive examination that is set up to test the general cognitive ability of an individual over time. It has been widely used across the world, but prominently by employers, as a means to measure and predict how well or poorly one is likely to perform in job setup. This aptitude exam can even be considered as an IQ test. However, the question is about its scalability as regards its ability to predict the general job performance. Can the Wonderlic test really achieve this? Find out below:

Skills Examined In The Wonderlic Test

The best place to start to understand how effective the Wonderlic assessment can be as regards predicting the overall job performance is by analyzing the skills that the exam tests.

i.             Problem-solving Skills

For a long time, employers in different fields have remained consistent in worrying about the problem-solving skills of their employees. Luckily, the Wonderlic test measures the ability of a person to learn. In the long run, it predicts the amount of job knowledge the person has, based on the score they get from the test. Once one has established the problem-solving skills, then there is generally anticipation that the overall job performance of this individual will be great.

ii.            Language Skills

It is obviously of the essence that the kind of employees you take up for your company to have basic language skills. This test is very intentional in examining the language capabilities of an individual, particularly in their understanding of questions and their articulation thereof.

iii.          Basic Math Skills

If they can calculate and solve basic math, then the chances are high that they will be productive people in the workplace. So if you want to get your dream job then you must focus on your math skill. You always have an option to take online help like algebra class help to improve your skills.

iv.          Speed Abilities

Usually, the questions in this test are timed. This means that a test taker must be in a position to quickly think on their feet and provide the correct answers. With this skill set, you are a lot more comfortable to believe that an individual can meet deadlines, and work well under pressure.

What Is The Measure Of Good Job Performance?

Are the skills mentioned above all that matter? Much as the Wonderlic test can examine so much and help you filter out your employees, you cannot entirely bank on this test to find the perfect candidate for a job post. For example, a candidate may have a perfect score in their Wonderlic test, but not be a person of integrity.

Further, remember that the score is usually given as per the number of questions answered correctly. This does not rule out test takers who skip some questions. Ideally, the more questions one can cover, the more likely they are to attain a higher score. For such a case, if the job position demands a high-attention-to-detail kind of employee, that may not be the best way to pick them.

The point is, there is no clear line of whether the Wonderlic test will suit all your needs as an employer. Even with perfect scores, ensure you test your identified candidates on different levels, including in a one-on-one interaction.

Can You Predict The Overall Job Performance With This Test?

Yes and no. In a general view, most experts agree that the Wonderlic test is very useful in predicting the future performance of an individual in the workplace, under the argument that for as long as one has a sober cognitive ability, then they are capable of performing effectively. However, it is clear that the test is as good as testing the potential of an individual, and not necessarily the overall job performance they are likely to lead.

Ultimately, it is only safe to say that the Wonderlic test is more of a probabilistic measure than it is a predictive measure for performance. Instead of employing it as the only determining factor for which employees to hire, consider it a standardizing tool to help you pick out candidates based on a minimum score standard and performance.

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