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Can You Grind Bones with a Meat Grinder & Is It Possible?

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You may use different branded meat grinders for grinding flesh, but many people want to paste soft bones; is it possible? However, if you want to know can meat grinders really grind bone, the answer will be yes; it’s possible to grind bones beside flesh.

I have also bought an electric good meat grinder for bones.I have a dog & I need to feed him crushed bones. Moreover, I tried many branded grinders to check which one is the most useful on bones; I also made some experiments to find suitable bones to grind.

Please read the article to know about the bones and meat grinders compatible with each other, besides how to grind bones there.

Which Bones Are Eligible for Grinding & What Should Be the Grinder’s Quality?

The bones that are soft can be put into an electric grinder, such as chicken, duck, fowl, rabbit, & turkey are good to run; soft tendons, wings, back ribs, etc. parts have relatively tender bones & won’t damage your grinder’s parts.

For instance, beef, buffalo, lamb, & venison meat or bones are hard; therefore, it’s better not to grind their bones in a meat grinder or food processor.

Now, you may think about ameatgrinder for bones, or have confusion about what qualities it should have; let’s check the brief characteristics:

  1. First of all, it has to be a heavy-duty machine & an electric one because the manual grinders can’t finely break or paste the bones; moreover, the compact or light-duty meat grinders may break while chopping.
  2. The grinder’s power should be at least 1-1.5 HP if you want to grind or blend the bones there; moreover, the blades & plates should be sharp enough.
  3. The holes or teeth should be 3/8” of each blade; moreover, the more features &attachment varieties it has, &that would be better for your bone grinding.

Pick a meat grinder that has all qualities mentioned above; for instance, Weston 22 Meat Grinder& prepare meat or bones for yours or your pet’s meal.

How to Grind Bones in a Meat Grinder: Know the Step by Step Process

Once I asked my friend can meat grinders really grind bone, & she replied that it’s possible; therefore, she showed me how it is done:

  • First of all, you must ensure the meat grinder is clean & unplugged; therefore, you must prepare the bones. Please be careful while separating the bones from the meat & don’t cook it because cooked bones are way harder than the raw ones; therefore, wash the raw bones to grind.
  • Secondly, you must prepare & set up the machines before putting it; please make sure that the plate, blades, &crushers are robust enough to paste the bones.
  • After attaching the parts set the speed & start to grind the bones one by one; you should keep the quantity limited to do your perfect bone grinding. You can grind a bone twice to have a better texture, or to make a softer paste; that makes the bone edible for both humans& pets.
  • When you have gathered the ground bones, you should wash the meat grinder part by part; use warm water & soft clothes to clean the meat grinder.
  • After cleaning, you must slowly pack & store the meat grinders well because leaving it anyway can cause damage; however, you must check if the bones have damaged your blades or plates so that you can replace the items with new ones.

This is how to grind bones for dog food because only pedigrees are not enough for pets & you must add some natural elements to give them the proper nutrition; moreover, you can add some ground bones in your dish to bring some changes & make it calcium-dense.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grinding Bones

  • Where to Find the Best Meat Grinder for Grinding Bones Along with Meat?

You should go through the local meat processor websites or meat grinders dealing sites to compare among different brands&models of meat grinders to see the features & decide which one will be the best for you.

  • Can Food Processors Grind Bones Like a Meat Grinder?

Food processors can also grind bones that are thin (thinner than your thumb), but it won’t deliver the performance like a meat grinder; moreover, you shouldn’t put the hard bones in the machine.


You shouldn’t depend on others for your small & personal purposes because having equipment at home can save your time, labor, & money; you must go systematically still. However, what if anyone asks you can meat grinders really grind bone&why can’t you use a knife?

You should say that knives only chop the bones in shorter or scatter them, & it can’t make a solid paste out of the hard bones; please make your choice wisely.

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