Canada The Most Loved Place By Tourists


According to Statistics Canada, the country of North America in 2017 has welcomed more tourists than it has ever recorded in history. A record, which touches the figure of 20.8 million visitors, and confirms how much it has become a popular destination. Canadian airports saw a 7% increase in routes compared to 2016, confirming the highest level ever. The increasingly easy connections between the lively metropolis, very different from each other, but above all the endless choice between natural attractions, with the addition of festivals and cultural offers, are making Canada an increasingly popular destination. And not wrongly.


Canada Experience, Rephouse business unit, provides numerous tips for visiting the country far and wide. Suggesting, for example, many adventures in contact with nature, including bears, wolves, elks and beavers. Discovery of the large parks and wildlife experience. Do not miss the stays in the typical ranch and proposals in campers. Canoe trips on the lakes or sightings of the whales in the northern ice. Or train tour in comfort. Or again, itineraries between the cities of the east, such as Québec City, Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto. Or west, between Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary.


It’s hard to say what it’s worth to see, in which region it’s best to stay, when the choice is so incredibly vast and differentiated. Both on the destination and on the travel method, the chosen means of transport, the type of stay. Campsite or luxury cottage? Hotel or typical house? However, it is beyond doubt that a trip to Canada involves a long, large, immersion in the most pristine nature.

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It may not be the cheapest trip to choose from, especially if the final destination includes an isolated place and if you are with your family. If you choose Canada as your destination, you must be adventurous, certainly not extreme, but no doubt it is immersing yourself in nature that will savor the essence of this country.


Being a journey where nature has a dominant role, think well to the things you buy considering them from the point of view of environmental impact.


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