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Cancun: one of the most sought out places among travelers

Cancun is one of the favorite beach destinations for travelers from all over the world. Its 22 kilometers of white sandy beach and turquoise blue sea are ideal for those who choose a relaxing holiday. For lovers of water sports, it is ideal, as the place offers all kinds of activities on its beaches. Its luxurious all-inclusive hotels and resorts are ideal for families and couples.

Time to visit Cancun

The high season occurs between the months of December and April, punctually in January and February, when you can enjoy more days of tropical sunshine. The rains are light and it is not time for hurricanes. Instead, September and October are hurricane months, so it is best to avoid going.

Food is your primary aim

The place has a wide variety of dining options that include street food at very affordable prices, such as taco, to sophisticated gourmet restaurants with slightly more expensive menus. Search Google for some of the best restaurants in Cancun 2021 and make your holiday delicious. Some recommended restaurants are La Habichuela, Peter's Restaurant, The Surfin Burrito, Puerto Madero, Casa Rolando, Hard Rock Café restaurant, La Parrilla, etc. During high season, the nightlife comes alive. In the city center, you cannot miss Las de Guanatos, where you can eat a good plate of Mexican food and watch a live music show. In the area of ​​the island, Blue Gecko is a good option for having a drink by the sea and then ending up in one of the clubs in the area, such as Coco Bongo.

Discover Playa Tortugas

Playa Tortugas is a public beach chosen by locals and tourists for its sand and calm waters. Its sea is calm and its beach is ideal for resting in the sun. It is very common among tourists to rent paddleboards and explore its waters far from the coast.

Discover the Mayan ruins of El Rey

Cancun hides Mexico's ancient past, where vestiges of its Mayan ruins remain. The El Rey area was once an important Mayan site, where different commercial activities were carried out, the royal cemetery, the astronomy school, among others.

Considered one of the best restaurants in Cancun, Rosa Negra is elegant, charming and has a magnificent view. The menu is very varied and typical Mexican dishes are served, as well as delicacies from Japanese and Latin cuisines.

Venture to the Isle of Women

Just 13 km from Cancun, is located the famous Isla Mujeres, a paradise full of attractions and fun, accessible by ferry. Among your activities, you can visit the pirate ruins, dive into an underwater sculpture garden and even swim with dolphins.

It is one of the most popular restaurants in Cancun. Also located in the center of the hotel zone, the Hard Rock Café has a super varied menu that offers from American dishes to typical Mexican food, besides offering wonderful and creative drinks. It is a cool place to enjoy a meal. Whether during the day or at night, it is worth inserting it into your schedule.

Visit the Mayan ruins

Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen-Itza is the jewel in the Mayan crown. A day trip costs around 70 Mexican dollars and includes a walk through the entire archeological zone, which immerses you in the richness of this fascinating civilization.

Explore marine life in the interactive aquarium

One of Cancun's biggest attractions is the interactive aquarium. Located in the tranquil Laguna, this unique aquarium allows you to come face to face with the diverse underwater world and its protagonists, in a unique environment.

Escape a few days to Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen and Tulum are other highly recommended beaches to visit. Located respectively from Cancun (70 and 130 Km), these two beaches on the Yucatan Peninsula is a magnificent natural creation. The idea is to rent a car in Cancun and visit both beaches.

Choose the best hotels in Cancun

Cancun is the quintessential city of all-inclusive resorts and hotels, so you have an infinite variety of hotels to choose from within your budget. The city center is the most residential and commercial area, with excellent transport connections to all beaches. Located at the southern end of the island, Punta Nizuc is a completely tourist area.

The Chuchito Perez Cancun is a pub that offers visitors a great atmosphere, with tasty dishes of Mexican cuisine, and delicious microbrews. Very varied, the menu consists of tacos, tamales, burritos, soups, salads and seafood. It is an excellent tip for a cost-effective restaurant in Cancun, as the service is excellent and the view is wonderful. For those who enjoy watching sports, the venue features several live events. A tip is to try the fish tacos. The flavor is different and the combination with ingredients such as onion, green seasoning and parsley make this typical dish even tastier.

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