Canvas photo prints- Interesting things that you must know


Canvas photo prints have become the most popular decors for offices, homes, shops, restaurants, and several other places. As there are canvas photo prints cheap, you do not need to invest a high amount in them.

You can reproduce different paintings and photos using canvas. Stretched over wooden frames, custom-made canvas prints have won the attention of several consumers. Although these pieces of art have gained popularity, you may not know everything about them. Check out some more interesting facts about canvas prints.

Canvas painting- Different from canvas photo prints

Both canvas painting and canvas photo print look similar. While canvas painting is a hand-painted workpiece, canvas photo prints need a high-quality inkjet printer. Then, the designer stretches them over a frame and attaches them to some wooden backing. They will remain intact for several years and beautify your walls. 

Originally, hemp-derived canvases were acceptable to designs. However, in the present years, materials, like cotton, have become the best option. You can print your photo on a high-grade canvas.


Framed prints versus canvas prints

Some modern homeowners like to make a combination of both these prints. There are reasons for doing it. Framed prints maintain the consistency of the overall room decors, as they connect the frame with the overall color scheme. You can choose frames helping you to transform the look and feel of your artwork.  It may be a frame with a black border, which matches your room décor and furniture. You can keep up the cohesion in your room.

On the contrary, canvas prints will be a versatile choice for beautifying your walls. You do not need much consideration, as you can choose frameless borders. Vibrant colors applied to print photo on canvas will add charm to the atmosphere.

Can you frame your canvas prints?

You can easily frame your canvas prints, and there is a large number of framing options. But, canvas framing has some pros and cons. The best fact is that frames are perfect for reflecting the uniqueness of your canvas prints. You can match your canvas print to the overall décor of your room. You may use frames while choosing canvas prints as the best photo gift. The frame is removable, and you can alter the art.

But, frames may be costly and heavy. Based on the changing trends, you may need to change the frame.

Can water damage your canvas prints?

Both moisture and heat may cause your prints to stretch. It especially occurs when you have chosen a traditional product, which does not ensure special protection. Fibers in canvas strings and wooden frames have porosity. 

But, the most reliable canvas printing service providers protect the print to give the ultimate value. You must try to avoid places, like bathroom, kitchen and outdoor sites to install the canvas frames. Make sure that there is no risk of moisture damage to your print.

However, the canvas is more resilient than photo papers, and thus, you can print your photo on this fabric. You can minimize the chance of warping issues. The best fact is that canvas posters will not fade away like your paper photos.

Maintenance and cleaning of canvas prints

Cheap photo canvas prints can last for years with minimal maintenance. Your canvas prints must not have a contact with sunlight. The direct sunrays may spoil your print within a short period. You can use these canvas photo prints for your indoor environment. You may use a piece of cloth and duster to remove the dirt from your printed canvas surface. You must not use water for cleaning the fabric. When you have unintentionally poured water on your canvas print, you have to wipe it away without any delay.

A high amount of moisture and heat can damage your canvas. Moreover, steady temperature fluctuation also affects the print quality. While cleaning the canvas, you have to be careful to avoid dents.  

Make sure that you have not used strong detergents and soaps for these canvas prints. Detergents react with the chemicals present in your ink. However, you must remove water and do not let it affect your print.

Does a canvas print slowly fade away?

Nowadays, the best quality canvas prints are available with a special UV-resistant coating. But, the intense sun’s rays have the power to penetrate the coating. Some companies use a long-lasting glass cover to ensure additional protection. 

Is canvas printing better than printing on other materials?

You can compare canvas prints to acrylic, metal, and art prints. Canvas and metal prints turn out diverse results, as both these materials are different. You need to choose HD photos on the thick metal panels (45 inches) to have a clean and sleek look. They are glass-free prints with some rounded corners. You can find breakage-resistant designs. Metallic coating is applied over metal prints. On the contrary, the canvas is a softer material with a highly vibrant color.

Canvas prints also differ from acrylic prints in terms of appearance, material, and texture. Though you can directly apply canvas prints onto the linen and cotton, acrylic prints need photo papers. You need to press the print between two acrylic sheets.

You may find vivid colored prints on both these materials. Still, canvas prints look more beautiful and have a higher aesthetic value.

Another option for you is the art print with different finishes, sizes, and thicknesses. You need cardstock for art prints. You will get clear images with both canvas and art prints. Although art prints are comparatively low-priced options, canvas prints are affordable.

You can now look for cheap photo canvas prints to decorate your rooms. You may choose different photos and artistic patterns to print your canvas. Based on the available space, you can purchase a big canvas for printing purposes. It is also better to use multiple small canvases of a unique shape. Buy today your canvas prints from a reliable store. You will get a quality product to renovate the look and ambiance of your room.