Canvas Prints: Why They Deserve a Spot on the Walls of Your Abode


On average, we keep a total of 500 photos on our smartphones. For sure, amongst thousands of such pictures that are already stored in the device memory, there are a few clicks with our family, friends, or loved ones that evoke happiness. 


Talking of thousands of such images, there must be a few of them that you would want to immortalize. Thinking of such possibilities, what’s better than painting them on a canvas and displaying them around your house?


Yes, we want you to consider the options of including canvas photo prints around your abode, and this piece is all about that. Continue reading to understand what a canvas print is and how it makes a stunning piece for home decor. 


What Is Canvas Print?

A canvas print is the most eye-catching way to hold your memories with your family or any other special moments of life. As the name suggests, canvas prints are photos printed on a canvas.


Canvas prints are widely popular because they are affordable, artistic, and make a fashion statement. Currently, a canvas is made out of a combination of cotton, linen, and synthetic fibers that makes it water-resistant and well-built.

Benefits of Having Canvas Photo Prints for Home Decor


1) Easily customizable- Any photo you fancy can now be a part of your everyday life. All you need to do is print photo on canvas. Canvas prints are easily customizable and can be designed to match any room’s vibe that you decide to put them into.


2) Ensures longevity- Unlike the traditional pieces, the present-day canvas is made up of cotton, and added synthetic fibers that make these pieces waterproof and durable. Further, the use of quality cartridges ensures a lustrous finish over hand painted canvas.


3) Friendly for your budget- The cost of canvas prints mainly depends on the size of your selection of raw materials, but we assure you they are worth the money. These pieces create a great look for your room at a very affordable price. Interestingly, many websites also offer budget-friendly canvas, although there are various offline stores too that offer affordable canvas prints.


4) Versatile in their approach- Canvas prints are timeless and classic. One of the best parts about them is that they can blend in with the interior of any type. You can easily switch them between rooms, to ensure refreshing style elements in your house.


Shapes And Sizes

Canvas prints come in various shapes and sizes. If you are for the right shape and size for your room, here is a guide below.


  1. The Rectangular And Square Shaped Canvas - The very basic shapes of any type of canvas come in rectangular or square shapes. These shapes are best suited to cover a large surface of different walls in your room.


  1. Hexagonal Canvas - Hexagonal canvas are attraction pieces. Their unique shape adds a completely re-defined edge to any room they are placed in.


  1. Mini, Small, And Medium-Sized Canvas - You can easily customize your canvas, according to the preferred sizes. It has a wide collection of mini, small and medium-sized canvas to fill the small spaces at your home.


  1. Oversized Canvas - If you want to print a high-quality family photo on canvas and have sufficient space, then the oversized canvas is the best option for you. Now, if you want to go for such oversized pieces, Collage canvas prints are a great option to help you out!


What are Canvas Prints Trending?

        Inexpensive - The top reason why canvas prints are so popular today, is the fact that they are considerably cheaper than traditional canvas paintings. Moreover, these prints can be presented better, when compared to hand-painted canvases. Considering their affordable prices, you can easily replace them as well.


        Advance Technology - Today, you can get your hands on a customized canvas print, at your fingertip. You don’t even have to go out somewhere. Just a good internet connection and the desired picture can help you order your customized art piece from anywhere, anytime.


        Seamless process - Previously, the artists had to paint your designs over a spree of days, weeks, or months at times, making it a very time-consuming process. However, these were events of the past and have become much easier today. You can easily upload your desired picture and get it delivered to your doorstep.


Frequently Asked Questions Prior Purchase

1) Do Canvas Fade In The Long Term?

If the inks used to print your canvas are of poor quality, chances are that they might fade away over time. On the contrary, inks used by professional service providers offer high-quality output and add life to the final product. Therefore, the first thing you could do to preserve your canvas prints is to research well about the company from where are you getting your products from.


Secondly, you need to keep your canvas prints away from direct sunlight, and glass frame your canvas to protect it from any other such damage.


2) Where Do You Get Canvas Prints?

You can order canvas prints over both online and offline stores, as per your tastes and preferences. All you need to do is a little bit of research for the company or websites, and provide them with the images you want to print on the canvas.


3) What Are The Common Designs Used?

Canvas prints are completely personalized, whatever matches your room go for it or simply print your favorite images. Commonly, people focus on photos with their pets, friends, and family some abstract designs.


Bottom Line

When it comes to renovating your house, there’s no better option than canvas prints! Canvas prints are the best home decor one can do within the budget. However, before you decide to opt for such pieces for your house, it’s important that you understand the ideal size, location, and all the essential factors that come into the picture.

Having said that, here’s wishing you the best of luck for your renovation journey ahead!