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Capcom May Unveil A Brand New Title During E3 2019 Event

Capcom has been introducing a slew of new and exciting titles for fans and gamers to experience in the past, and with the approaching E3 2019 event many are expecting some interesting new title from the Japanese publisher.

As in the past, Capcom has utilized the platform of E3 for showcasing its awesome games like Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter World. It is expected that Capcom will continue this trend of introducing its upcoming game during the E3 event to gain maximum exposure for their titles, so studio developers are preparing to unveil a brand new title during E3 2019.

Until now it is confirmed that Capcom is indeed going to take part in the 2019 E3 event to unveil the new Iceborne expansion for the Monster Hunter World title for sure. Still, it is also speculated that Capcom studios won’t let this massive platform get only affixed to showcasing the expansion for MHW. Instead, the studio may reveal a brand new title alongside Microsoft E3 2019 press conference.

The origin for such theories and speculations is supposedly from NeoGAF post which also claims to hint at the entire EA’s press briefing for E3 2019. Still, the leaked information is not being confirmed by any official sources, so gamers do not completely rely on the speculations and hints.

Moreover, the person who has leaked the information is suggesting that the mentioned details are most likely genuine and it is pretty likely to witness an announcement of a brand new title from Capcom during the press briefing of Microsoft during the E3 2019 extravaganza event.

As Capcom is not secluded for any press briefings during the upcoming E3 event, it is likely that they may choose to come up with top three press briefings healed by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo Switch for revealing their latest gaming title.

During the E3 2018, Capcom revealed its Devil May Cry 5 with Microsoft’s Press briefing and Resident Evil 2 remake with Sony’s press briefing. So it is quite a possibility that Capcom may unveil an exciting new game during Microsoft’s press conference for E3 2019.

Although no specific title has been hinted in the leak, still it is likely that Capcom studios come up with a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake which is expected to be launched by January 2020. Many gamers and fans are also suggesting numerous other titles like Dead Rising or Dino Crisis reboot could be the next big title that Capcom may reveal during E3.

It would be indeed quite interesting to witness as to if Capcom actually reveals a new game for fans during E3 as it has become a trend for the studios to unveil a new game during E3 event.

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