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Car Care: How to Take Care of Your Company Car

Your company car is an invaluable resource for getting from A to B, but are you sure you’re doing everything you can to keep it in top shape?

General maintenance

In order to ensure optimum fuel consumption and engine performance, between regular services you need to check the oil level as well as the other fluids. Also, you need to check the tyre pressure, which reduces wear and increases your road safety. Not many people know that fully inflated tyres also lower fuel consumption. Keep your company car clean on the outside to keep the paintwork last longer. Always follow the manufacturer's maintenance manual, so you can avoid unpleasant discussions if technical issues arise.

Tyre sets

Company cars are usually delivered with two types of tyres – the summer and winter set. Summer tyres have a harder composition and at temperatures of 7°C and above provide better grip, shorter braking distance, increased comfort and reduced wear. Made with softer rubber compounds, winter tyres are more suitable for temperatures below 7°C including wet and muddy conditions. They have a greater depth of tread and different tread pattern for improved water dispersal. If your company is based in the subtropical or tropical climate, such as Australian, what you would spend on winter tyres can be diverted to other business expenses. However, regular tyre rotation is recommended for a more even wear.

Proper tyre pressure

A study has shown that one in three vehicles in Europe has too low tyre pressure. In some countries, like Belgium, the ratio climbs to 9 out of 10. The risks of driving a car with insufficient tyre pressure increase for both the car and the environment. The tyres wear out faster on low pressure since their sides now have to carry the bulk of the load, which in return increases their temperature. When a tyre becomes hotter, it automatically increases the risk of damage, such as blowout. In addition, low pressure also increases the amount of energy needed to power the car, so both fuel consumption and carbon emissions rise dramatically.

Use reputable mechanics

Unless the warranty or lease policies states that your company cars are to be serviced and repaired at a contract auto garage, you need to find a trustworthy and experienced auto technician who can take care of your car wherever you are. In other words, it would be ideal if you could find a mobile repairman, like this expert mechanic in Hunter Valley. Mobile mechanics have helped thousands of businesses save millions of dollars in downtime, as every time your car is off the road, it costs your company money. Mobile mechanics are able to meet you on the job and do whatever servicing they need on the spot.

Accidents on the road

If your vehicle is immobilized beside or on a public highway, or at your residence or workplace, your selected auto association (AA) will send a technician on the location to make your car roadworthy again, or a tow truck to remove it to a garage. In some case, your lease contract includes the tow-assistance in these scenarios. If the car has to remain in a garage for extensive repairs, your AA may even provide you with a replacement. On your part, you need to complete the accident statement form together with the other party and send it to your leasing agent or insurer, in case your vehicle is not insured through the lease contract.  

Ending your contract

When handing in your company car at the end of the lease contract, make sure it's clean and tidy outside and inside. Dirty cars command lower prices and will be cleaned at your expense. Also, make sure to remove your personal belongings from your car. If you need to hand in the car but have upgraded it with additional options, you can keep those, but only if it causes no additional damage to the car.

Taking care of your company car is not much different from caring for your personal vehicle, except that with every day of downtime you're losing money. This is why you need a prompt and expert mechanic to get it roadworthy in the shortest possible time.

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