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Car Paint V/s Car Wrapping — What’s the Best for Your Beast?!

We know you have a very soft spot in your heart for your car. And that’s why you constantly try to give it a new look in order to keep it beautiful always. But gone are the days when car painting was the only option available with you to remodel your vehicle. Today there are amazing services like car wrapping wherein you can glamorise your vehicle in a unique way with new technology. And believe it or not, the effects of car wrapping are far better on your vehicle then car painting.

  Let's Talk About How Car Wrapping Is Better Than Car Painting for Your Vehicle!

First things first - understand that car painting involves colouring your vehicle with the help of air painting by experts. And when you choose to car wrap in Melbourne, Glossworks tend to wrap your car in a creative way with vinyl or other material and transform it for the better. But if you still have any doubts about how car wrapping can be better than car painting, then read about the points of differences listed below.

  • The presentation — A car with a normal paint job done on it is quite monotonous and almost everybody does it. But if you go for car wrapping, then there are innumerable designs and patterns to opt for. You can pick the one that seems extremely striking to you and would suit even your choices properly. And what's more, you can even personalise your car through this wrapping process. In short, the presentation is totally dynamic and outstanding with car wrapping.

  • The time required for the job — When you opt for the transformation of your beast through painting, then do remember that this process takes a lot of time. When your painter has done his or her job on the car, it requires almost 24 hours for it to dry. Only after this you can use the car once again. But when you go for car wrapping, it is quite a rapid process because the designs are already selected and prepared and the experts have to wrap your car with the same. And you need not wait for it to dry or get settled, you can use your car immediately after the car wrapping process.

  •  The maintenance and care — So, you did a nice painting job on your car just the previous day. And imagine if a child comes and scratches it today. You will scream with agony over the loss you have to bear within just a day of the transformation. Well, this happens with painting your car. But when you opt for car wrapping, it’s more resistant to such scratches and wears and is better and tougher.

  •  Removal of the layer — Car paints can take lots of time to get removed naturally. And when you require to get rid of this layer, you have to treat it specially which takes lots of time and some money as well. But with car wrapping, you just have to take your vehicle to the wrappers and they’ll remove the wraps within no time without any extra charge. (You can even remove it at home if you know the tactics for the same.)

  • Budget and investment — Painting a car requires more than a single coat. Obviously when the efforts are so much, you will require investing that much amount of money for the task. And the charges for the paint remain separate. But when you go for car wrapping, your investments are reduced as compared to the paints because there is not much effort involved to wrap the layer on your car. Yes, your designer would charge you some money for the wrap you opted for your car, but that is very much reasonable as compared to the long life the vinyl has.


All these points prove that car wrapping can be an excellent way to revamp your vehicle. So, the next time you feel like giving your beast a new, fabulous makeover, go for wrapping rather than painting.

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