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Car Rental App Development: What Does It Take to Make an App Like Turo, Avis, or Hertz

In today’s era, most people have their own cars and that is very convenient but it is not good for the environment. This is the reason why the car rental business is in demand. You can easily rent the car using the car rental app. If you are also looking for a car rental app development company then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn about all the aspects that have to be taken care of to develop apps like Turo, Avis, or Hertz.

Things To Consider Before Going For Car Rental App Development

There are a lot of things that you need to consider before developing a car rental application. Here is the list of things that a mobile application development company must consider.

  • The first and foremost thing that you have to do is set your budget.
  • The next thing that a car rental or a car wash app development company should do is to select a region you want your services. This will ensure that you will not pay extra for the services that you don’t want to provide.
  • Then you must hire some dedicated developers so that you get an assurance that the final product is worth every hassle and your application will be well maintained.

Challenges Faced By Car Rental Businesses

As the demand for the on-demand app development companyis increasing exponentially, the competition is also increasing. There is cut-throat competition among the different companies and because of that, there are a lot of challenges that a car rental business faces. Here is a list of some of the challenges faced by them.

  • One major challenge faced by a mobile app development company is brand awareness.
  • The second major challenge faced by them is that sometimes people don’t understand the price point for renting a car.
  • The most crucial problem faced by them is that sometimes people might get involved in accidents or they might not take care of the vehicle properly.
  • This problem is often faced by a software development company. If there are any issues in the core of the software or application then it might not work properly and sometimes you might not be able to trace the location of your vehicle. These technical issues can cause problems at the user end as well. So, user-interface and experience might get affected.

Features Of Apps Like Turo, Hertz, Or Avis

If you want to develop applications like Turo, Hertz, Or Avis then you must understand all of their features and what makes them unique from others. Most of the companies hire dedicated developersso that they can also add such features to their applications.

Features Of Hertz

Hertz has a lot of unique features and some of them are listed as follows.

  • Hertz did a very good job while selecting a car rental app development company. Due to this, they have smooth functionality and have gained the trust of their customers over time.
  • They have a very competitive and reasonable price range. They have kept different price ranges according to the model, capacity, and the number of days it has to be rented for. This is a very flexible feature for its customers.
  • They have also offered a lot of membership plans and discounts. Along with this, they have never failed to offer festive discounts and offers.

Features Of Turo

Turo is also not behind. Its mobile app development company has also kept the application up to date and user friendly. Here is the list of some of the features of Turo.

  • They offer a very wide range of cars compared to all of its competitors. You can find everything very easily. From economical to convertibles and sports cars, everything is available at a reasonable price range.
  • According to the car you choose and for the time you want, it is a very budget-friendly app. You can get the most expensive cars at a reasonable price. And if you don’t want a very expensive car, then there are a lot of options in the economical as well.
  • Their software development companyhas done a very good job of creating a user-friendly platform. Its user interface is very easy to use and understand. You will not get very confused because all the options available are very easy to understand and choose from.
  • One of the most unique features of Turo is that even if you do not have any own auto insurance policy, then also you can rent a car from Turo.

Features Of Avis

Avis also has a lot of unique and user-friendly features. Here is the list of some of the features of Avis.

  • It has exceptionally good features. If you are a car rental software development company then add all the latest features just like Avis. They have all the modern times features and they keep their application updated from time-to-time. 
  • They have a trusted name as they are providing top-notch service for many years. So they are very popular in the market.
  • They offer various loyalty programs to their regular and VIP customers.
  • They do not have any history of creating a mess about rent after renting the car as they have installed the feature of forehand rental in their application.
  • Along with all of this, they also offer various car rental rewards.

If you are an on-demand app development companyand you want to invest in car rental app development then you must consider adding the above-mentioned features to make your application successful and unique.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Car Rental App Like Avis, Turo, And Hertz

It is very difficult to decide the budget of a car rental or a car wash app development but an estimation can be made for the apps like Avis, Turo, and Hertz. Here is a list of a few factors that will affect the cost of your car rental application.

  1. Platform You Select: Select the platform of your application according to the need of your target audience. Decide whether you want to go for ios or android app development.
  2. Techstack: Decide the features that you want to add to the application and then hire the developers according to the tech stack they provide.

You can also add some additional features like real-time tracking and text messaging and if you do so then it will nearly cost you in the range of $35k to $40k for the maintenance and development of the whole application.


Developing car rental apps like Avis, Turo, and Hertz can be a difficult task but not the impossible one. If you follow and add all the above-mentioned features and consider the factors then you can develop it without facing any major issues or you can simply hire dedicated developers.

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