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Car top carrier reviews

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When traveling or going camping, you need to have a cargo bag where you will put your items in. You should get one that is waterproof in case there is rain and one that has a strong strap in case there is a wind blowing against you. You should also choose a bag that can withstand different temperatures in case you will be traveling over several days.

1. Car Top Carrier Roof Bag + Protective Mat 

This cargo bag is waterproof and will protect your items when it rains. It is made using heavy-duty coated tarpaulin and coated zippers to provide you with maximum protection from any water lick. This bag is also designed to work on vehicles that have racks and those that do not. It has straps that enable it to be installed even on vehicles that do not have straps to hook with.

Why we like it 

Unlike other roof bag carriers, this one is made from materials that are strong enough not to break off easily and hence guarantee you with its service over time. You need this cargo bag if you are a frequent traveler. It will give you good service over a long time and you can always count on it to protect your items while you are on the road.

Things to consider before buying

You must check the number of items you will be carrying to determine if they will all be covered with this cargo bag and the size of the bag you will purchase.

2.  Whistler Car Roof Bag Bundle Top Cargo Bag 

This cargo bag is built with a water-proof material that ensures that your cargo and materials are kept in a dry manner at all times regardless of the rain or too much heat. It also has a pad that prevents it from sliding and falling off when you are driving and it also protects your car from getting scratches.

Why we like it

The cargo bag also comes with 2-inch metal buckle straps that are strong enough to hold the cargo back so strongly while in your car. The roof bag comes with its storage bag where it is kept when not being used.

Things to consider before buying it 

You need to consider your frequency of travel because this is the cargo bag for a frequent traveler.

3.  BougeRV Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag Car 

This cargo bag comes with 8 strong straps that secure it so strongly that it cannot move despite the vehicle moving at high speed. It is large enough and can fit about 2 medium-sized suite cases. It is made from long-lasting material that will give you great service.

Why we like it 

It holds onto the car strongly because of its durable straps and it can accommodate more luggage.

Things to consider before buying

This cargo bag is meant for vehicles with a roof rack. You should, therefore, measure the size of your vehicle's roof to see if this bag will fit on it.

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