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Career options after a Human Resource Management course

Human Resource is the heart of the company. As the world keeps growing towards new companies rising every day, it is very important to have a really good team to pull in all the good employee to the company. They are also responsible for training them and also to make sure they get paid right and on time. A company with talented staff with good teamwork leads it towards achieving its vision and mission. By this, we can say that the HRs role is crucial in bringing in the most suitable employee section to the company they work for.

Now that we know what exactly the HR job would be like, let us dig into courses available under HR management and related career options.

HR Management mainly lies between two sections:

a) HR specialists: These entities mainly focus on certain exclusive tasks such as training and recruiting only. Their ultimate goal is to excel in one particular function.

b) HR generalists: These bodies work in different domains and handle multiple tasks at a moment. They are responsible for the day to day activities in a company.

A person can always switch between these two roles and find what is comfortable for them and what suits them better.

HR management consists of many different courses and job options. Depending on what suits them, one has to take up the course.

Who can take up the HR Management course?

a) Anybody with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or Administration backgrounds are preferred. But, individuals with any other Bachelor’s background can also apply.

b) Students after their Bachelor’s can take up the Master’s course in HR Management exclusively and can learn and improve their skills simultaneously, irrespective of their background in Bachelor’s.

An HR management course will equip you with all the nitty-gritty for starting a career in this field. Some of the top courses in HR management are,

a) Non-Profit Human Resources expert: This serves the Non-profit sector exclusively and the work depends on how well you can bring in the right people to the organization. As it is believed all the HRs play a very important role in any non-profit organization.

b) Training and Development Management: IN this sector the HR focuses on training the new employees and the already existing ones throughout their journey in the company. They focus on KPIs and how to improve every employee’s ability to grow together in the company. They mainly focus on developing a suitable work culture and empowering the team and it’s potential to the fullest.

c) Human resource professional: This sector mainly involves hiring and other such mainstream HR roles. They will be looking, after all, the newly vacant posts and finding the best suitable employee for the same.

d) Employee education consultant: This person engages in educating the students and parents regarding the career opportunities they have. They will be given counseling on the available options and platforms that provide these options.

e) Soft skill training: Nowadays soft skill training is a must in Colleges and also after new employees are hired in a company. The trainers’ job includes teaching them certain aspects of professionalism. They are responsible for Language lessons, personality development programs and much more. They build the team as they are.

f) Performance management and assessment: This role includes three stages,

· Coaching: They are responsible for orientation, training and encouraging the employees

· Corrective-action: This is where they correct the mistakes of the employees and ask them to improve

· Termination: Here the employee who has less KPI or isn’t efficient enough will be removed.

These are the few key roles of the above-mentioned fields of expertise.


These are a few career paths after getting a degree in HR management.

1. After a Bachelor’s degree in HR management

a. Human resource Manager

b. Employee Relations Manager

c. HR Information System Management

d. Labor Relations Manager

2. After graduating with Master’s in HR management

a. Director of Human Resources

b. VP of Human Resources

Among the HR Management institution community, Mumbai is known for good education and job opportunities. It also has a lot of HR management and training centers. There are a few great colleges in Andheri as well as in other parts of Mumbai. These colleges are also good at taking out the best of its students and placing them in the right places for jobs.

Some of the best colleges for HR management in Andheri are S P Jain college of Management and research, Oriental College of Commerce and Management, Bhavan’s College and FABS (Fazlani Academy of Business Sciences). There are so many more of them available providing education and training students every year.

There are plenty of openings and requirements in the field of HR management. Every industry needs HRs for its own purposes. They can be Healthcare or even aviation. Depending on what qualifications you possess and also on the area of personal interest, you can choose what course to take.

Good luck with your HR management career.

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