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What are the different carrier options after completing MA in International Relations?

Globalisation has a great impact on society and higher education is not an exception. College campuses were once bounded by physical boundaries.  Today, universities can expand their network across states, regions and international boundaries due to the development of technologies. Also, technology allows professors and students to access the world of information. That Information was before available at high costs.

There are many universities that offer international relations courses in Delhi NCR. International relations are a subject covering politics, economics, linguistics, religious studies, law, business, philosophy. It is a degree program about the political and social conditions of our globalising world.

The main concern of international relations students is how the different political systems interact and what their impact on a global level is. Many of the famous ambassadors, diplomats, and presidents were once a student of international relations.

They have a remarkable role in shaping future international policies, international business, international laws and international business.

Getting a degree in international relations is a leading step forward if you want to make the world a better and peaceful place. You will be making diplomatic decisions to maintain positive relationships between countries.

That will prevent any international conflict to make sure that things are running smoothly between the governments of various countries.

The term area studies are usually used for a variety of social science and humanities field. This course is a multidisciplinary mixture of many academic fields of research to examine the politics, geography, and culture of a specific local area.

MA in international relations and area studies is a 2-year postgraduate full-time degree course. If you want to pursue for this course, you must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized board with least total marks of 60 percent. The average fee of this course can be anything between 6,000 to 3 Lacs.

During the two years, students get to study in deep about topics such as globalization, international economy, war, ethics, human rights, social theory, philosophy, security, and political violence all under the light of international politics and relations.

Most of the best international relations colleges in Delhi NCR conducts entrance exams. The selection of candidates is done on a merit basis. After the exam, candidates have to go through a counselling round. After completing the course and getting your degree you can get into one of the following jobs.


A diplomat is a person who has to represent the nation’s interests abroad trade, policies, and services. As a diplomat, usually, you will be spending about three years in a foreign country. Where you will be acting as a link between the country you represent and the country where you are present.

He handles mediating and negotiating all the issues with the local government.

It’s the duty of a diplomat to collect and report about all the information that can potentially affect the interest of your nation. Also, you will have to discuss, negotiate and mediate with the government issues about peace, trade, war, commerce, and economics as well as cultural aspects.

Political analyst:

Political analysis is employed by the government, but you can also find jobs in media houses and research institutes. You will have to inform about a interpret various political developments and policies and analyse laws, public policies, and government decisions.

You will be working as an adviser for a government official, media houses, or political parties. You have to predict the political trends and results of the elections. You will also have to put the events into historical context.

Political analyst is recruited by the government to analyse public policies. It identifies various political issues and advises political leaders for various foreign government policies. They also work in media houses for political news and research.


Lobbyist represents an organisation or institute in front of government officials. He has to convince them to make amendments favouring the organisation.
As a lobbyist, you will be promoting ideas to the people who can turn them into reality. You will be hired by an association or corporation. Here Your main task will be to convince the members of the government to make decisions that would be beneficial for the organization they are representing. You will be monitoring and researching about legislation and attending congressional hearings.

International lawyer

An international lawyer has to deal with international finance, trade law & banking. It also acts as a mediator to negotiate disputes between countries

Civil services

As a bachelor in international relations, you can join the Indian foreign services (IFS). Once you have cleared the examination of civil services conducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC).

Communication Specialist in a non-profit Organisation

You can get a job working for a non-profit organization. An organization with a global reach if you have a degree in International Relations. A Communications Specialist offers you different opportunity.

It takes your career to the next level by working in a local office with global significance. Such global services are offered by non-profit organizations like World Vision and Red Cross. There are many other options available also. The following is a list of your responsibilities:

  • Developing communication strategies that work
  • Communications between the company and its employees
  • The creation of content for social media and the media

If you want to study this course but not able to continue your higher studies due to financial issue, then you can check for MAHADBT scholarship that will surely help you to continue your higher studies.

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