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Carton Boxes made up of corrugated boards

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Without any doubt, product packaging crucially serves in the marketing and transportation of consumer items. These boxes are vital for ensuring the protection of items while the storage and delivery process along with the promotional potentials carton boxes have. There are diverse materials available in the market that can be used for the production of these boxes, but nothing works effectively than corrugated cardboard.


Importance of the design

With the advancement in printing and packaging technology, there are a number of options available for the marketers that help them effectively in coping with the packaging needs, but corrugated cardboard martial remains their dream choice for centuries. The material is highly sturdy due to the structure as it is fluted in nature. The basic shape of the material is more in a sandwich structure, comprised of three layers stacked on top of one and another. The top and bottom layers are flat in the format while the internal one is fluted in nature, providing extra strength to the packaging. This packaging style is highly efficient in bearing the weights and keeping the placed product damage free. The style is also preferred due to its cost-effective nature and the efficacy of material in the shipping process. Custom carton boxes manufactured of cardboard materials can also be personalized by keeping the requirements of the products in mind in addition to the number of protective and customizable options.


Extremely customizable

As we know that the structure of corrugated cardboard is comprised of three layers, it doesn’t only provide adequate strength to the design but also unleashes extremely customizable potentials. The thickness of the material can be selected in accordance with the basic needs and the product and can vary upon the number of layers in the material. Corrugated cardboard can be customized with making use of options such as die-cutting and perforation to acquire any desired shape and size of the boxes in addition to different sorts of inserts and paddings for fragile items. There are also several printing and lamination options available for this design that can help in visually elevating the boxes according to required formats.


Dynamic protection for the products

Corrugated cardboard is also highly stable materials as it can cushion any placed product with greater efficacy. The material is high in stacking capacity due to the rigidity of corrugated cardboard. All the manufacturers in the market prefer the design due to the high-end protective nature that can be helpful in the storage and shipping process. The customizable nature of the material makes it easy to tailor these boxes depending upon the dimensions of the product. Different sorts of protective layers, such as PP and PE, can also be introduced in these designs in order to keep heat and water damage away from the product. Special handles can also be introduced into the packaging design in order to ensure the optimal handling of the products.

Save the cost and environment

One another reason for the wide use of
carton boxes wholesale supplies in the market is their unique, cost-effective, and ecological nature. Corrugated cardboard is manufactured from pine wood pulp that is dried and processed in a way to make plain sheets of cardstock. This process is free of any toxic chemicals and makes the material a dream choice to be used by eco-conscious consumers. These boxes can also be a cost-effective solution to all sorts of packaging problems as they can be customized in any desired format combined with keeping their cost low. They can also save shipping costs due to their lightweight nature that serves effectively in the process.

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