Cat Oral & Dental Hygiene: Why it Must be Your Top Concern as Cat Parents


The first step to taking good care of your kitty cat's overall health begins with paying attention to their dental hygiene.

Your fur friend can't clean its teeth by itself. It would be best if you took the initiative as a proud pet parent to keep a constant check on your cat's dental health.

Poor dental practices can pose an imminent threat to general health and increase the risk factors that may lead to severe issues. Cat insurance NZ can cover your cat's dental problems if you live in the land of the long white cloud, but it still pays to take regular care of their oral hygiene.

Your munchkin's little mouth and tiny teeth play a critical role in their daily survival. So, stay on your guard and make a physical examination now and then. Even better, brush their teeth regularly.

A few of the medical issues that may crop up as your cat ages are:


In simple language, it means terrible odor/bad breath that is attributed to odor-causing bacteria. It may arise because of your cat's not-so-healthy dietary habits. Pieces of fish and liver-based food that remain stuck in between their teeth as time progresses may also lead to this condition.

Anyway, if you observe a foul smell in your pet's mouth, you need to consult a vet right away. If the diet isn't the reason for it, this symptom may point to something uglier like a metabolic or dental disease.

Periodontal disease

In simpler terms, it means gum disease. It usually results from the accumulation of dirt and consequent bacteria build-up in the teeth. It starts as plaque then mineralizes and hardens into tartar. Going further, it causes a lot of irritation and inflammation (gingivitis).

If you find that your pet's gums have turned red, it's a signal for you to rush to a vet immediately, as any longer delay may end up in an irreversible medical condition. Cat insurance that includes dental coverage would come in handy as an umbrella for this kind of rainy day.


Commonly, resorption is known as cavities. The pain and discomfort these cause may result in behavioral changes, difficulty in eating, oral bleeding and more. Resorption is a common condition but needs immediate help once spotted. Take your cat to a vet for diagnosis and treatment.


There is a range of reasons for your cat insurance to land a fractured tooth. It may be as simple as biting and chewing on hard objects or more complex, like being involved in a bad catfight. Be it any reason, the crooked, exposed, and sensitive tooth now makes your cat more vulnerable to extreme temperatures and pressure, aggravating the injury.

It not only induces terrible pain when your cat feeds on food but also spreads infections in other parts of your gentle cat's body if left untreated. 

Chronic Gingivostomatitis

This disease combines two conditions, gingivitis + stomatitis (which affects soft oral tissues). Your cat would suffer from tremendous inflammation in the oral region comprising the tongue and its surrounding area, back of the mouth, and insides of the lips.

It weakens your pet with every passing day. Treat it as a medical emergency.


Your feline's oral health takes a toll if any of the above conditions go unnoticed and that can lead to wider spread medical issues. Have a watchful eye on your cat's dental health to save your pet and yourself some misery.