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Categories of Handmade Jewelries and Some Techniques of Making

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Handmade jewelry is unique from mass-produced jewelry. That is the reason, nowadays, using handmade jewelry is becoming a fashion trend. But do you know what the concept of handmade jewelry is and what makes it unique from other jewelry? There is a variety of handmade jewelry, and various ways are used for their making. In this article, we will discuss multiple categories of handmade jewelry and the techniques of making them. Let's begin:

Definition of handmade jewelry:

Handmade jewelry is artist crafted and made without the help of any machine. There are no fixed "looks" of this jewelry as they can be customized as per the customer's requirement. It can be a simple pendant or any delicate designing bracelet or necklace; artists can make anything. But the time and techniques are not the same for making a simple design and a complex one. But as they are handmade, the same designs are not repeated, and they always remain exclusive.

Different kinds of handmade jewelries:

Different categories of handmade jewelries are:

1.     Assembled hand jewelries:

This is the easiest way to form jewelry. Different materials are assembled to create a piece of jewelry. Artists can make neckpieces, bracelets, earrings from the material they possess.

Hand-assembled jewelry-making techniques are straightforward. It is perfect for beginners who want to learn handmade jewelry to start with this one. They can learn and create simple yet beautiful pieces.

2.     Jewelry with wires:

The jewelry that is created using wires is called wire-wrapped jewelry. Usually, lots of cables are used to make these kinds of jewelry. Stones and beads are used in this form to design pendants or bracelets. Usually, stones or other things are wrapped in wire to create this form of jewelry.

Creating wire wrapping jewelry is not at all easy. Wires need to be woven to give shape to the jewelry. Wire's temper, gauge are the prime considerations of the makers. Therefore, these techniques should be followed to achieve the skills in making wire-wrapped jewelry.

3.     Handmade, fabricated jewelry:

Fabricated jewelry includes a massive range of jewelry collections covering typical rings with gemstones to modern creative jewelry making.

The techniques that are used for this jewelry are metal smithing and jewelry bench qualities. Usually, makers attach cut pieces and stones to give it a shape.

4.     Bead jewelry:

When makers use different kinds of beads for jewelry making, it is called beads jewelry. Sometimes multiple beads are used or occasionally single to form pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. This jewelry can be personalized and created in various shapes.

Bead jewelry making needs some practice as there are various sizes of beads. Using small beads for making jewelry comes with lots of practice.

5.     Hand stamping, engraving designs:

The jewelry makers love to design hand-crafted jewelry as they can create their own signature collections with this. This jewelry can be easily customized for users. Creators can engrave any personalized message, moment, or even emboss pictures into the jewelry.

This design requires easy methods and equipment. The design is done by hammering a stamp impression with a heavy hammer. Stamps can be selected as per the need of the customers from a wide variety.

6.     Enameled jewelry:

Handmade enameled jewelry is a fantastic technique that includes colors in your metal jewelry. In this jewelry-making glass, powders are added to the metal to form a permanent relationship.

The process of enameling varies and can be done in many techniques. But torch-firing is the most popular technique of recent times. Kiln heats are needed for making maximum enameled jewelry.

7.     Fabric jewelry:

When different kinds of fabrics are used to create designer jewelry, it is called fabric jewelry. Jute, cotton, wool, silk are used to create beautiful designs of neckpieces, bangles, and earrings. Fabrics are twisted, sewed, and painted to create new designs. This jewelry creation demands quality sewing skills.

8.     Horse jewelry:

Exclusively handmade horse jewelryis very trendy, especially for horse lovers. Beautiful horse pendants are created to wear with chains. The horse is used as a theme of independence, expression, and power.

So, you can see vast collections of handmade jewelry that can make you look more fashionable. Therefore, start making a collection of your own.

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