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How to get Google featured snippet? It is not easy to get Google featured snippets and in this post we will discuss the various types of featured snippets as well as the types of features being used by your competitors, which are helping them to get the desired ranking position. You can also get in touch with the experts of JDM Web Technologies to learn more about Google featured snippets in details.

Whenever you look for an answer to your search for information or an answer to your question from Google, you might have seen countless featured snippets from the search engine. The position given by the featured snippets to the content is referred as “position zero”. Since the featured snippets occupy the maximum space of the […]

How to Get Multiple accounts on Craigslist For Posting Ads?

Craigslist happens to be a classifieds website, in which individuals as well as companies will be able to provide jobs or ask for jobs to be done. Yes, this website has also been used by Internet marketers in order to make a substantial amount of money. They can hire people, as well as get rid […]

What Is the Cost of Patent Application? Learn from Canadian Patent Agency

When someone tries to apply for the patent, the first question that comes in anyone’s mind is what will be the cost of application. If you ask a Canadian patent agency about this, they will tell you the truth that following the application process properly is expensive, no doubt. So, if you are planning to […]

Key steps followed by branding agencies to build the successful brand from scratch.

Following are the steps followed by one of the leading branding agency in Dubai to rebuild Oman based real estate brand from scratch. THE CHALLENGE Agency was given the challenge to rebirth UAMCO into a whole new brand with clear direction that no elements should be carried forward from its past. The agency had to […]

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Brands – The Future Is Mobile

“The future is mobile”, a statement that you can hear almost everywhere today. Billions of smartphone owners use their devices to consume content and information on the go, and they prefer using apps for spending time on the internet. Many business owners still don’t realize the importance of having a mobile app, just like they […]

How to Build a Successful Brand?

There are so many brands available in the market whether Nike, Adidas, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, Michael Korrs, Gucci and the chain keeps on rolling. Apparel to electronics, consumer goods to grocery, from food to emergency items, everywhere we find people embracing brands. Brands are the face of a product or services that makes them […]