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Learn python programming from the best from the industry.

Guido van Rossum created Python in the late 1980s and today it has become the most important scripting language for the developers because of its major characteristics.   General-purpose Interactive Object-oriented High-level programming language Availability of the source code under GNU General Public License (GPL).   As important as it is, Python is very easy […]

6 Reasons Why Some Smart, Hardworking People Don’t Become Successful

Back in the school days, we always had that one kid in the class, whom everyone thought was beyond our league and stood apart from the rest. Someone who we thought would one day revolutionize the world. Apparently, the only kid in the class who had the happiest, encouraging parents-teachers meeting as compared to the […]

The Growing Importance of the Chief Talent Officer Chief Talent Officer

The evolution of the Human Resources industry has given rise to a greater number of leadership positions, moving past roles like the Chief People Officer or CHRO. Not to say that the CHRO is a redundant position- quite the opposite in fact but a CHRO is more oriented with company processes. The Chief Talent Officer […]

Get Hired: Making a Terrific Impression During Your Sales Interview

Attending an interview for a sales position can conjure up anxiety, but you do not have to fear the interview process. Fortunately, there are many techniques that you can utilize to excel during the interview, and help you to make a lasting impression when it really counts. Consider these tips for making an excellent impression […]

How To Lay Off A Great Employee The Right Way

Laying off a good employee is never an easy task, and getting laid off is never a fun experience. Unfortunately, circumstances such as financial difficulties, the need to downsize, or the phasing out of a position or department can create the need to lay off employees. If you are ever tasked with laying off an […]

Why You Should Experiment With Letting Your Employees Set Their Own Schedule

With the onset of advanced technology, companies have been grappling with redefining their work strategy and harnessing efforts tailored at meeting the ever-changing customer demands and needs. As a business owner specializing in car dealerships, you might have contemplated allowing your employees to set their own schedule to instigate efficacy and productivity.   While most […]

Traits that make entrepreneurs successful

Over the past couple years, more than 25 million Americans ran or started their own businesses, according to Babson College’s summary of the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. And while some of these people have great aspirations on making it big, many will fall short of their goals. So, just what is it that sets a […]

5 Alternative High-Paying Job Opportunities for Indian Youths

The Internet is changing the way we used to think about employment and jobs earlier. Today it is no more required to do a job in a company which is far away from your place, family and hometown. If you are willing to make a decent income by working on your own, then there are […]

How are HR Certifications your best bet for a Successful Career? HR Certifications

Excelling in a field by proving your brilliance is a tough nut to crack, especially, in a growing and high-in-demand sector like human resources that is already overburdened with fierce competition. Professionals work day and night to make themselves in the reputed, vast domain of HR, nevertheless, only a few succeed in accomplishing their objective. […]