Home loan

Want to Apply for a Home Loan? Be Careful and Avoid These Missteps

Applying for a home loan requires you to meet certain basic criteria common across all lenders. You are required to hold a CIBIL score of 750 and above and along with a stable financial history….

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Gear Up for A Rewarding Career in Private Equity

Every investment banking professional looks forward to getting into a private equity firm. Since these firms are smaller than investment banks, job opportunities may be lesser and the competition fierce. Becoming a private equity professional…

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Why CIBIL Score is important and how can you get a loan with Low CIBIL Score?

A personal loan is a collateral-free loan that you can acquire for any personal financial purpose. Personal loan lenders offer personal loans after checking and evaluating the CIBIL score. To understand how this works, it…

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Mutual funds

FD vs. Mutual funds: Currently which is best investment plan in India?

Fixed Deposits and Mutual Funds are the staple investment options. While both the investment options can help you grow your money, you should choose one over the other based on your expectations, risk appetite and…

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Short-term and long-term financial goals

Every one of us have their own financial goals. Whether it is to buy their first car, first home, travel abroad, or to retire early. Thinking of planning and organizing your finances? Here are the…

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Should You Automate Your Account Reconciliation Process? 3 Signs To Tell

Is your account reconciliation handled by your employees? Isn’t it time consuming and tedious? Well, if you are one of those organisations whose account reconciliation process is a major bottleneck in the financial close process,…

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Anthony Lapadula

Anthony Lapadula – Simple Tips to Beat Stress in Business

Anthony Lapadula, being a business executive at Aegis Capital Corp, knows what it takes to make a business stand and sustain it through all kinds stress. He has experienced various types of stress and has…

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GST Registration

A Step by Step Guide to GST Registration

Who Needs GST Registration And Why? The newfangled Goods and Services tax is the individual tax imposed on the citizens of India. Since it encompasses all other preceding taxes, and also as a responsible native…

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6 Reasons Why Hiring an Accountant is Worth It

If you’re a self-employed person with no employees, an independent person with a small team, a small company, a start-up, a new venture or a limited company; managing finances is the most challenging part of…

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How to Arrange Financing for Your Equipment Purchase?

As the business market is evolving rapidly, almost everyone seems to be trying their luck in their new ventures. For every startup to get off the ground, some sort of trading tools is a prerequisite!Different…

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