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How Long Does it Take to Get Into Ketosis and Keto-Adapt?

Originally published on HVMN by Nate Martins   Weight loss benefits ushered the keto diet into the spotlight. That’s how most people have likely heard about ketones, a fuel source created naturally by the body when burning fat. But more and more research points to diverse applications of ketones in the blood outside of just […]

Dangers of the Keto Diet Debunked

Originally published on HVMN by Nate Martins   The ketogenic diet gained popularity through the weight loss community. It’s a low-carb (often 25g per day), high-fat diet triggering the body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. With increased popularity, there has also been an increase in keto-naysayers; they think it’s a dangerous fad […]

Foods to Try When You Are In Gurgaon Foods to Try When You Are In Gurgaon

Food is the best part of the travel experience, especially when you’re exploring India. The cuisine here is so diverse that meals can vary from city to city. That’s one of the reasons why it is a good idea to try out the regional dishes when you’re visiting a particular place. Gurgaon is no exception […]

3 Excuses to Order Pizzas Anytime, Anywhere

“Are you in love with pizzas? Then, here are three excuses which would help you order another box of pizza today! Keep reading to know more”. Let’s get this straight – this comfort food has stolen all of our hearts over the years. No matter whom you meet and fromwhere did he or she came […]

How Beneficial to Have Chest Freezer in Food Business? How Beneficial to Have Chest Freezer in Food Business?

People who are doing food business should know that they need to stock up food items for customers and for this they must have proper refrigerated storage. So if you are running a small food business just like the retail store of a grocery store, then you must buy a chest freezer. As that will […]

Rejoice in the Each Celebration by Sending Designer Cakes to Your Near and Dear Ones!

Every human being is extraordinary and their choices are unique and dissimilar. Everyone’s likes and dislikes are different. We have grown up observing a similar old style of cake which either used to be a heart shape or a rectangular or round moulded cream cakes. But this is an era of modernization where designs, customization […]

Ways to Increase Employee Engagement and Work-life Balance Employee Engagement and Work-life Balance

The present-day corporate structure believes in empowering employees by giving them ownership of their work. At times, it works negatively for them. To excel professionally, they end up hampering their work-life balance. The employees juggle between striking a balance in relations with the client, their friends and family. Some fall prey of unhealthy lifestyle as […]

Food Related Resolutions to Make in 2019

As we all use to make different types of New Year’s resolutions. Some of them make a resolution about losing weight, while others decide to learn some new skill that might be cooking, dancing, fitness and training. So yes, if you have made a New Year’s Resolution related to food, then you must read this […]

What’s Keto Flu and How Do You Cure it?

Originally published on HVMN by Dr. Brianna Stubbs, Aarushi Bajaj, and Nate Martins.   You’ve decided to try the keto diet. The low-carb, high-fat diet can be great for performance and decreasing body weight, but the body needs a little bit of time to adapt to fat as an energy source. Often, there are some […]