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How to prepare for dental implant and What to Expect During a Dental Implants

Dental implant surgery It is a procedure that can replace decayed or knocked out teeth with an artificial one. The treatment begins with titanium rods being inserted into the jaw bone over which crowns or bridge are attached. There are many dental clinics in and around London that offers this orthodontic procedure. The major benefit […]

Did Your Filling Just Come Out? Keep Calm and Call a Dental Expert

Has it ever happened to you that while eating your tooth filling comes out? Don’t panic, it is a common case that has occurred too many of us. Instead of yelling out in despair, call your dentist at once and book an instant appointment. Your lost filling can be easily restored when treated under right […]

Know how you can freeze your body fat

Obesity is a very common problem in the present era, given the sedentary lifestyle that most of us are habituated with. In such a case, dieting and exercising may not seem to be enough to get rid of the stubborn and excessive amount of fat. Hence, most people seek alternative weight loss methods that would […]

Perk up Your Breasts to make them look Firmer and Fuller

Have your breasts become saggy or out of shape? Well, this is a common problem that usually occurs amongst women in the middle age group. This happens when the body loses some kind of firmness or tightness with age. Thus, women try out various ways to lift their beautiful busts and make them firm like […]

Tried and Tested Tips for Sound Dental Health Lifelong

Healthy teeth and gums are a priceless asset and there is no second opinion about it. However, many parents in London mistakenly believe that dental hygiene and care for children can be ignored till they get their permanent teeth. It is high time to resolve this incorrect belief for once and for all. In order […]

Packing a healthy lunch on the Tim Ferriss Slow Carb Diet

A basic introduction on Slow-carb diet All we need to know before going further to this write up is the definition of the slow-carb diet. A slow-carb diet is something which restricts the amount of carbohydrates that a person consumes. The term slow-carb diet became popular in the year 2007 when an American author Tim […]

Jaw Surgery and Oral Health – How are they related?

Jaw surgery is an effective way to treat misaligned jaw line. Popularly known as Orthognathic surgery, it is done to give patients the perfect jaw line by moving misaligned jaw to a normal position. The misaligned jaw can cause numerous problems such as sleep apnea, underdeveloped jaw line and crooked or uneven teeth. If these […]